What too many do not seem to realize is that
the health insurance companies ARE the problem!

And they still are. ACA fixes what? Health insurance companies basically wrote this bill. It was birthed in the conservitive Heritage Center think tank. It started life as a Republican bill until the Democrats took ownership. And yet we rejoice?

Stop talking about fixing anything involving private insurance companies! They ARE the fatal problem with this country's health care. They need to be forbidden to pratice medicine. The health insurance companies stand between you and your needed health care. They over rule your doctor. Their bottom line, their profits determine whether you get health care and how much. To maintain those profits, the health insurance companies have four highly paid lobbyists for every Congressman. You pay for those lobbyists with your health insurance premiums.

Why does anyone think all those countries that went to Single Payer in the first place, forbid health insurance companies from covering anything covered by that country's Single Payer system?

The recent ACA Surpreme Court ruling still leaves 17 million people without health care. What it did do though, was enrich the health insurance companies, with the addition of 30 million people that were not covered before.

Health insurance companies add nothing to the value of our health care. They need to make a profit in order to stay in business. Single Payer with the goverment does not. Government run Single Payer covers medical care at costs. Health insurance companies have CEO's, Board of Directors, Company jets and Stock Options, which drive up your health care costs. And don't forget those highly paid lobbyists. The government has no need for any of these.

That is why the Mandate is bad. It guarantees private health insurance company profits with the force of federal law. There is nothing in the Affordable Care Act to contain costs.

This fight should not be about health insurance, this needs to be about your health care. Health care reguardless of ability to pay. Millions of people have health insurance and still cannot afford basic health care. Lack of affordable health care is the real problem, compounded by useless middlemen driving up medical costs, with their need for profit and their highly paid lobbyist to keep the money coming in. What good is health insurance if it does not cover what you need it for? Or does not pay even after they said they would?

The best way is what EVERY OTHER civilized country and many not so civilized countries, has done decades ago --
Government run Single Payer, Universal Health Care. The United States is the LAST hold out.

With Single Payer, everyone is covered. Employment or lack of same is no barrier. Change jobs? Still covered. Where you work goes bankrupt? Still covered. Want to start your own business? Still covered. Your kid wants to move out or reaches a certain age? Still covered. Get sick? Still covered. Have a pre-existing condition? Still covered.

The one and only answer to our health care problems in this country is Single Payer, Universal Health Care. If the answer involves any health insurance company, that is not a workable solution. Health insurance does not equate to health care.

So why is it so hard to go with the most obvious, the most humane course of action, which is what every other industrialized nation on the planet has already done? Single Payer, Universal Health Care. The hard work has already been done by these countries. All we have to do is cherry pick what works. What is so hard about that?

The United States pays twice as much for health care than any other country. (See chart )
And yet 45,000 people a year are still dying for lack of access to adequate health care. People are losing their homes, going deep into debt, going bankrupt for basic health care.

The Requirement to Buy Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act Beginning in 2014 Flow Chart PDF

How can we be the Greatest nation on earth,
if we can't/won't even take care of our own citizens?

"...that in 2006, the United States was number 1 in terms of health care spending per capita but ranked 39th for infant mortality, 43rd for adult female mortality, 42nd for adult male mortality, and 36th for life expectancy.3 These facts have fueled a question now being discussed in academic circles, as well as by government and the public: Why do we spend so much to get so little?"


How is it the same people that do not have a problem with two - three - four - five four and a half wars, that are costing us, US,
$16.5 trillion so far, but have a problem with health care reform that will save us billions?

Another doozy from America, Inc.
When Chief Justice John Roberts joined with the liberals on the Supreme Court to advance Obamacare you would think he had drowned a kitten. The outrage was tempered only by the speculation as to why he did it. Was he trying to save the court's reputation by abdicating the usual right-wing party line? It's too late for that. The Supreme Court is a political arm of America, Inc.

The only theory I haven't heard advanced is the most likely reason for his vote: Everything is about the money. Roberts was doing the bidding of the insurance companies that have part ownership in our three branches of government. Private insurers stand to make a killing off Obamacare and voting it down would've cost them billions. With this vote, the only person taking a political hit is the unelected Justice John Roberts, while the rest of the court and the Republicans in Congress can register phony outrage and keep the base frothing at the mouth over tyrannical government health care. By the way, frothing at the mouth is covered under Obamacare.