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bug bug "If you don't have a seat at the table,
you will be on the menu."

Old Republican saying

"Remember the reasons behind the Guillotine you greedy bastards!"

It doesn't matter whether you are actually paranoid of not, they are still out to get you.

GOP motto: If it ain't broke, fix it till it is.

Republicans don't want to govern. They want to rule.

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Does the government work for us,
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"Drones from the Other Side" War Is A Crime.org

Imagine you awake to the sound of a machine noisily buzzing over your house, and another machine nearby in the sky, and another. These machines and others like them have been around for months. They never leave. While you live in the United States, the machines belong to the government of Pakistan. The machines are unmanned drones armed with missiles. Every once in a while they blow up a house or a car or a couple of kids playing soccer or a grandmother walking to the store, sometimes a McDonald's or a shopping center.

Imagine that you've learned to live with this. The popularity of homeschooling has skyrocketed, as nobody wants to send their kids outside. Telecommuting is now the norm for those able to maintain employment. But there's no getting used to the change. Your kids wake up screaming and refuse to sleep. Your rage makes you physically ill. Antidepressants are on everybody's shopping lists, bu t shopping is a life-and-death proposition. Canada is facing an immigration crisis. So is Mexico.

Now, Pakistan claims to be targeting evil criminals with surgical precision. And some in the U.S. government go along with this. But others object. The U.S. Supreme Court declares the drone deaths to be murder or war -- murder being illegal under U.S. law, and war being illegal under the U.N. Charter via Article VI of the U.S. Constitution.

The U.S. Congress insists that criminals must be indicted and prosecuted, that negotiations with hostile groups cannot succeed while drones tear the negotiators limb from limb, and that Pakistan has no right to put its robots in our skies no matter what its good intentions. Statements agreeing with this opposition to the drones are signed by everybody who's anybody. Popular demonstrations against the drones, and -- bravely -- in the face of the drones, dwarf anything seen before. In fact, the world joins in, and people protest Pakistan's murder spree all over the globe. Human rights groups in various countries denounce it as criminal. The Pakistani prime minister reportedly checks off men, women, and children to kill on a list at regular Tuesday meetings. He's burned in effigy across the United States.

But Pakistani human rights groups take a different tack. In their view, some of the drone murders in the United States are illegal and some are not. It depends on the knowledge and intentions of the Pakistani officials -- did they know those kids were just playing soccer or did they believe their soccer ball was an imminent threat to the nation of Pakistan? Was blowing up those kids necessary, discrete, and proportionate? Were they militants or civilians? Was blowing them up part of an armed conflict or an act of law enforcement, and what type of armed conflict or what law was being enforced? Paki stan, these groups argue, must not blow people up without identifying them, without verifying that they cannot be captured, and without taking care not to kill too many civilians in the process. Further, Pakistan must reveal the details of its legal reasoning and decision making, so that the process has transparency. Indeed, Pakistan must begin running its proposed drone killings by a judge who must sign off on them -- a Pakistani judge, but a judge nonetheless.

The Pakistani human rights groups are not made up of evil people. They very much mean well. They want to reduce the number of Americans killed by drones. And they are not permitted to declare all drone killing illegal, because these killings might be part of a war, and these groups have adopted as a matter of strict principle the position that wars must never be opposed, only tactics within wars. They believe this makes them "objective" and "credible," and it certainly does do that with certain people. These Pakistani human rights groups are not pulling the trigger, they're trying to stop it being pulled as often. Lumping them together with the Pakistani military would be Bushian (with us or against us) thinking. But it's harder to see that from under the drones here in the United States with the kids wailing and Uncle Joe's brains still staining the side of the Pizza Hut, than it would be perhaps in Pakistan or at the United Nations Headquarters in Islamabad.

From here in the United States, the cries are for justice. Many want the prime minister of Pakistan prosecuted for murder. Many are beginning to view the absence of such legal justice as grounds for violence. I'm growing worried over what my neighbors and even myself might unleash on the rest of the world. I'm beginning to fall in love with the feeling of hatred....


It never occurs to way too many in this country, that someone in a remote, dusty village 50 miles from nowhere, on the other side of the world, is no threat to this country. They only know what they are told. Someone is a terrorist. That is all they need to know. They seldom question even the highly questionable. How a "leader", that we designate and a few of his associates, being labelled as "terrorists", living in a remote, 3rd world village, is a threat to anyone or any place in this country.
The above is a good word picture of what it would be like to have the tables turned. To have us, just random people, living here, on the receiving end, as arbitrary targets, picked from a list, by the Leader of some other country, in the name of fighting terrorism. If we can do this to other countries, why can't some other country do the same to us, US?
Just who are the real terrorists anyway? A grandmother tending to her dead son's or daughter's kids? Or a corrupt government being run by For Profit war mongers?

The GENERAL WELFARE mentioned in the Constitution includes
"WE the people..."

Social Security has absolutely nothing to do with any debt or deficit problem this country may have. Stop trying to scape goat the least among us and do what common sense would dictate. Raise taxes on those that can most afford it. Stop our wars of conquest. Stop our wasteful military spending on expensive ships, airplanes and high tech armament that the military does no want and can not use. Get our Living Wage Jobs back into this country, so people can both live sufficiently above the poverty level and so they can pay the taxes needed for this country to function for the benefit of the common citizen and not just the upper few percent.
That GENERAL WELFARE mentioned in the Constitution includes "WE the people...", the citizens living and working in this country.
Damaging and destroying the social safety nets, is NOT promoting the GENERAL WELFARE! Weakening the social safety nets not only impoverishes the masses, but it works to turn this country into another 3rd world country.
The Government needs to function to serve and strengthen the GENERAL WELFARE for all of us, not just the well off few.

Social Security has zero to do with the debt or the deficit.

What do our wars of conquest, bailing out crooked banks and Wall Street with our tax money, instead of Main Street, NO taxes on billions of dollars of profits by 30 some companies, etc., have to do with Social Security? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Social Security is a separate program and is solvent for at least another 25 to 30 years, even if nothing, or I should say especially if nothing is done to "Fix" it.

We worked for our benefits. I worked for 48 years for mine. We deserve to be treated with respect. One way to do this is to have our benefits properly reflect the REAL inflation rate,and not some cooked number, arrived at in a locked room somewhere.

Stop treating Social Security recipients as moochers, working the system. We are not.

Stop with having the average citizen bailing out the banks and Wall Street when their crooked schemes collapses under their own weight. Throw the guilty in prison instead, and confiscate their wealth for reimbursement.

Why military participants who die in war are called heroes

I have always thought that it was because what parent/widow/widower/child could ever "accept" the "waste" of that precious (to them) life?
As a society, it is beneficial to laud publicly the war dead of their own in the short term, and eventually to even (somewhat) "recognize" the dead of the vanquished.
It "sanitizes" war, and allows for the ready embrace of the "next war". It makes possible (in the lizard-brain" we all have) waiting to be reactivated at a future time in the next war., the desire to avenge, to re-enact, ....to memorialize the ones who fought before us.
Soldiers don't die in battle, on purpose. They are all trying to stay alive, so they can come home.
They die because wars are all about the killing, and the overwhelming of the enemy. When the people who run the wars , who plan the wars, who have no "skin-in-the-game", make mistakes in planning, people die. Many times they are fighting "the last war" with today's soldiers. Sometimes they cannot accept the fact that they have a stalemate on their hands and just need to declare victory and stop the killing.
Many wars are the physical manifestation of failed/short-sighted foreign policy, or politics on steroids.
For ordinary soldiers to die as a result of "paper-pushers" who cannot find a reasonable way out of political fights, is a wasteful end-result. If the ones killed are seen as "heroic", and "given" some parades, remembrance celebrations, and posthumous recognitions are handed out, it somehow salves the consciences of the "decision-makers".
I'm sure there are heroic actions in battle, because sometimes people DO heroic things to save a friend or even someone who is not yet a friend, but being a soldier is not inherently "heroic". Soldier A of the US, killing Soldier B of creates a "hero/martyr" for "the other side".
A life lost in wartime has to be about more than the fact that the young family of that soldier needed a breadwinner with a better income than fry cook at IHOP could provide.
The most awful thing for a loved one to accept, has to be the fact that their soldier died for no good reason...that their life was "wasted". If they are seen as heroic, it has to help if there is to be acceptance.

Democratic Underground

Our foreign policy totally covered as a cartoon.
Our foreign policy totally covered as a Mr. Fish cartoon.
Click graphic to enlarge

All politicians need to follow ALL the laws the rest of us do.

In this country, we supposedly have citizen legislators, not royalty who answer only to God.
The same goes for our Congress critters in WDC, who answer to their owners, the corperations, who hire the lobbyists that bribe Congress. We hired these Congress critters and pay part of their salaries, so we should at least get some say in the laws they pass. Are we not persons too?

The Consertive way?

Brain after voting Republican Since the year 2000 we have tried it the selfish conservatives way and what did we get? Wars, bankruptcies, upside-down housing and broken bubbles, high unemployment and a 'recession' without end because we are still trying to apply the same mindset to get us, US out of the recession as got us into it in the first place.
No Man is an Island. We are social animals. We depend on each other for survival. Nobody ever made it anywhere alone. We are always dependent on others for whatever we have or whatever do or wherever we go.
Self-made man? There is no such thing. Where did he learn how to be self made? What of his possessions. Did he make all his possessions himself? For example, did each one of us individually, without knowledge of others, invent the loom to weave the cloth to make the clothes we wear? Where did he get the tools to make these looms? The fiber? How did he make the tools needed to make the tools? Where did he get the materials to make the tools? Did he build his own roads to transport these materials? Dig his own well for water himself? Build his own refinery to power his vehicles? Build his own vehicle? What of electricity for lights and refrigerators? Where did he learn to wind the armatures for the generators? Did he mine and smelt the copper himself? Does he operate on himself to remove his own appendix, if need be? Don't think so.
No, all of us are dependent on others, for we all are, first and foremost social creatures. All of us. Social security is a benefit for us all. Universal Health care is a benefit for the citizens of most other countries. Roads, clean drinking water, safe food, a good education, law enforcement, fire fighters, and on and on and on... These do not cost, they pay.
We are our brothers (and Sisters) keepers. We have to be for our very survival.
As we have seen and are still seeing, the Conservative way is the way to 3rd world status and collapse of the United States economy.
The Conservative way sure is not working very well for us now, is it?
A better way is the Liberal way, the Progressive way.

"The Welfare of Each of Us is Dependent Fundamentally Upon the Welfare of All of Us," President Theodore Roosevelt

The purpose of the government is to provide...

The purpose of the government is to provide services for "We the people...". From the Federal level down to the local level. Services such as clean water, law enforcement/protection, Fire protection, public education, Building and maintaining public roads and streets (including snow removal), and in most countries Universal Health Care. And a whole host of other services most people never even think of, that make our lives healthier, safer and easier.

Taxes pay for these services. When everyone pays for their fair share, we all benefit from the services government provides.
When government is starved of operating funds because of excessive tax cuts, especially tax cuts for those most able to pay, as we have now, those most in need are hit disproportionally harder.

I can imagined the Deb Kiel's (R-MN)* of this country, one of those fortunate people that are not wanting for material things. Unlike the people she is hurting by her myopic reduction of the services she does not use or need. Cuts that leave her with more at the expense of the rest of us that depend on those government services.

Local government have very few options for operating funds. The property tax in most cases is the only source of operating funds allowed by statute.
Up until the year of 2000 or so, the States received funds back from the Federal level, which redistributed them down to the county and local level. Under the Bush Administration that source pretty well dried up. The states and local levels had no choice but to raise the taxes that they could. The real problem now is not that the government spends too much, the problem is that those most able to afford to, do not pay their fair share, so that the government can provide the statute mandated services in the first place!

Governments from the Federal level down to the local level are mandated by law to provide certain services. They have been starved for so long they cannot provide those services any longer. But cutting these services for the people is counter productive. It makes things worse. Those same Well-To-Do people that benefit the most from the tax cuts, are also acting to ship our Living-Wage-Jobs over seas, resulting in high unemployment, foreclosures, bankruptcies, lack of basic health care, etc., which in turn create more people that are in need of the services that government is mandated to provide for "We the people...", but now cannot because of the lack of proper operating funds.

The real answer it to RAISE taxes on those that can most afford it, not cut services even more for those that need those services the most. Get our Living-Wage-Jobs back into this country and reverse the last 12 years of the Republican orchestrated swan dive into 3rd world status for the United States.

Another large source of funds is going to funding our deadly aggression against other countries, under the guise of "Fighting Terrorism". We are the world worst terrorist country. Just ask the people in the Middle East.
That money Would be better spend rebuilding and expanding the neglected and crumbling infrastructure in this country. Providing hundreds of thousands to Living-Wage-Jobs, that will get this country out of the Bush Administration caused recession.

Our Constitution mandates providing for the general welfare of "We the people..." It is time our government gets back to adhering to the wording and meaning behind those words in our Constitution. If we continue as we are now, the alternative is the destruction of the United States as a country.

An alternative the countries in the Middle East would be grateful for, because we would then have to get out of their countries and leave them alone, as we could no longer afford to make new terrorist to justify prolonging our war on terrorism.

And that would be the best Christmas present we could give them.

Peace on Earth.

Merry Christmas.

*Deb Kiel (R-MN), and other people like her, have nothing to worry about when it comes to money. Deb has a couple thousand acres of land, beef stock and what not.

Deter legitimate votes

The selfish freeloaders...

The selfish freeloaders are the big multinational corporations that do not pay any or very little taxes. The selfish freeloaders are those Well-To-Do that GW Bush gave the gift of the tax cuts to, those that got us into this economic mess in the first place. Along with the unpaid for Bush wars of choice.

The only way we are to recover from the Conservative Republican caused economic recession is to raise taxes on those most able to pay them - The big multinational corporations and the Well To Do.
Stop our wars of aggression.
Get our Living Wage Jobs back into this country.
The government needs to spend money in THIS country. Money that will help those in need of help, the middle and lower class.
Without money, people cannot buy anything. If they cannot buy anything, businesses cannot sell anything. If they cannot sell anything, they lay off their workers, making the situation worse.
Cutting Social security, Medicare and Medicaid is counter productive, as that only makes matters worse because that removes even more money from circulation. The fix is to get more money into circulation. You do not do that by giving tax cuts to the Rich. They will not spend it.
You do it by getting our Living Wage Jobs back into this country. You do it by COLA's for Social Security. You do it by Single Payer Universal Health Care. You do that by WPA style work programs, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. You do it by building high speed rail crisscrossing our once great county, as the Interstate highways were built.

Don't listen the the Republicans. Their way is what cause this recession in the first place and they are still working for the same old results, saying what was done to break it is the way to fix it. No, it ain't. The fix is to do the opposite of what got us in this economic mess.
Raise taxes on the Well to Do.
Stop the wars.
Get our Living Wage Jobs back into this country.

The fix for our Economy is really simple.

Even simpler that the self serving, bought and paid for corrupt loons in WDC.

1 - Stop the wars. All of them. Over 16 trillion dollars wasted so far.

2 - Let bush's tax cuts on his rich friends expire. Start wars, cut taxes? That's stupid.

3 - Raise taxes on those most able to pay them. The highest tax rate was 91% during Eisenhower's Administration. The economy boomed. Clinton raised taxes, the economy took off again. Bush cut taxes, we crashed - twice.

4 - Close the tax loop holes on multi-national corporation with billions in profits so they start paying their share of taxes. No need to make poor people destitute by cutting Social Security and Medicare.

5 - Get our Living Wage Jobs back into this country. No wonder we can't recover from the recession, way too many people for the available jobs and most of those jobs do not pay a Living Wage.

6 - Re-regulate Wall Street and the banks. Why do we let them gamble with our money. Heads they win, tails we lose.

7 - Prosecute OUR war criminals. The survivors in Iraq could get behind that.

8 - Single Payer, Universal Health Care. We are the last hold out and pay twice as much as any other country for our health care. Put the "Your Money or Your Life" health insurance companies out of business.

Where are "We the people..." in any so-called solution from our so-called leaders.

We need to spread the pain to those that caused the problem in the first place.

The real problem is not too much spending that helps the people, the problem is too much greed and corruption and bought off politicians that make the rich even richer.

We are being sold down the river for the benefit of our corporate owners.

Any so-called solution by the Gang of Six, or who ever, that negatively effects the middle and lower classes, as this does, the Heart of America, is not any real solution. We are not the problem. We did not cause this economic mess.

What needs to be done is to stop our expensive high tech terrorism in the Middle East and else where and close over 800 military basses world wide.
Start taxing those who can most afford it.
During the Eisenhower years, the top tax rate was 91% and the economy soared. Each year that the top tax rate was cut, the economy got worse. After the corruption that was bush II's administration, we are now circling the drain and most of the ideas coming out of WDC, are designed to make things worse for the average citizens and better for our corporate owners.
Clinton managed to raise taxes on those who could most afford it to 35% and we as a nation, started doing pretty good. The accumulated debt would have been paid off in ten years, except for the appointment of Bush the lesser. He cut taxes, thereby decreasing revenue, then drastically increased spending, mostly on the credit card. Two needless wars and a prescription drug program, also on the credit card, finished the job.

Social Security and Medicare are line items on our pay stubs. Neither have anything to do with the debt or the deficit. So why are they on the table when the real problem is our military spending and lack of equable taxation? The Social Security and Medicare "problems" are cause by our loss of living wage jobs overseas. Get them back into this country, so those people can pay their share of taxes again, instead of being on unemployment and welfare.

Our representatives in Washington are not representing us, U.S. any more. They are not representing the best interest of the United States as a whole.
Our representatives are representing the corporations that have bought and paid for them. The so-called gang of 6 are not doing any of us any favors. They are working for others.

What is behind the real problem here? The real problem is because the Republicans don't want to improve government. They want it to be inefficient and corrupt so they can justify butchering the hell out of it, and that's why they do such a bang up job making government fail whenever they are elected. The party of NO! is working to bankrupt this country for their own benefit.

The treasonous Grover Norquist's "No New Tax pledge" is only one way they plan to bankrupt this country. The wars are off the table. The Pentagon budget, larger than the rest of the world combined, will suffer only minor token cuts at best. But programs that have proven to be of benefit to millions of middle and lower class citizens that depend on them, are on the table to be basically destroyed.

Our Constitution Starts out "We the people.." Where are the people in all this budget cutting? Where is the general welfare of the people the Constitution talks about?

How can we be the Greatest nation on earth,
if we can't/won't even take care of our own citizens?

The GOP absolutely is responsible for the debt stalemate.

And the deficit in the first place. Rescind Bush's tax cuts on those most able to pay them. Stop the wars of choice he started on our children's credit card. If you cut your own pay and increased your spending by the amount you cut your own pay, would not you also go into debt? Of course you would. This is exactly what Bush did to our country. Living Wage Jobs were plentiful when bush took over. He instituted tax cuts for his rich friends. Now where are our Living Wage Jobs? More tax cuts will get us more Living Wage Jobs? Isn't that the definition of insanity? There was a surplus when little bush was appointed. If he would have left things alone, by the time his second term was over, this country would have been pretty much debt free, instead of double digit trillions in debt. Oh yeah, the GOP absolutely is responsible for the debt. Look at pre and post bush II.

Stupid, paranoid, war mongering sicko's...
If we would stop bombing woman and children in other countries, maybe terrorism would die out on its own.
The concept of fixing Medicare is really simple.

Undo everything the Republican President George Walker Bush did to destroy this country.
Stop his self perpetuating wars. We are making more of the so-called terrorists we are fighting with every civilian we kill.
Bring our troops home and close most of the almost 800 military bases we have around the world. Each single troop in Afghanistan and Iraq is costing us, U.S. one million dollars a year to supply. Each and every Troop!
With no wars, we can slice our so-called Defense budget in half, then slice it in half again. We will still be out spending both Russia and China together.
Reinstate the taxes George W. Bush cut for his well to do friends. No more tax subsidies for multinational corporations.

Get our manufacturing and other Living Wage Jobs back into this country. That is the biggest reason Social Security and Medicare are "in trouble". The high unemployment rate and lack of Living Wage Jobs that cut revenue for a properly functioning government.
Rebuild our own failing infrastructure. Build a High Speed Rail system in this country. Imagine the many hundreds of thousands of jobs that will make. And the spinoffs from those jobs. This will jump-start the economy. Look at our Interstate Highway system for inspiration.

Put in place a Single Payer, Universal Health Care system. Put the money sucking parasitic health insurance companies out of business. They are killing too many of us for their profit. We are the last industrialized country to go to Single Payer, the only holdout.

These actions will supply and shore up the Living Wage jobs that pay the taxes that Social Security and Medicare depend on, far into the future. And yes, everything I have listed is all tied together and needs to be done. Do what I listed and there will then be plenty of money for Medicare and Social Security. And for paying off the debt, all at the same time.

Without living wage jobs and full employment, the recovery is nothing more than discussions of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

Published April 14, 2011, 12:00 AM
North Dakota tea party launched
Republicans say move is no threat
FARGO - Several prominent right-wing conservatives in North Dakota have launched a political group that breaks from the traditional Republican Party.
The North Dakota Tea Party Caucus aims to promote "individual liberty, personal responsibility, equality, limited government (and) state's rights."


This will definitely help to identify the craziest of the crazies.
Anyone read the Constitution lately? It talks about the people, you and me, and our welfare, our rights. Not corporations that claim the same rights as people, only with the ability to buy our government, instead of paying their share of taxes owed.
What the Republicans and their spawn, the T-baggers are doing are destroying this country from within.
Anyone keeping up with what's happening in Florida, Wisconsin and Ohio? That is the plan for the rest of us. De-fund the public schools as an excuse for corporate owned charter schools, starve and eliminate programs that help those that need help and further enrich the already rich.
We the People don't want that, we really don't. If you have the ability, think before you decide who you want to support. Then it sure won't be the T-baggers.

To retire the debt, do the opposite of what got us, U.S. in debt in the first place.

Stop Bush's terrorists making wars of Choice. Close the almost 800 military bases around the world. Being the self-appointed World Police is bankrupting us, U.S. Let someone else do it, if it needs to be done.

Rescind the Bush era Tax Cuts on those most able to pay them: the Well-To-Do upper tier.

Close the tax loop holes on Corporations so they have a tax to pay in the first place and stop subsidizing multi-billion dollar international corporations with our tax dollars, especially when those multi-billion $$$ businesses that are not paying any taxes in this country in the first place. They want to be people, tax them at people rates!

Re-regulate our business so they can not continue to get away with the fraud, corruption, gambling and outright greed that are driving our stock markets and our financial institutions. Put the criminals in prison.

Get our Living Wage Jobs back into this country so we have people working at realistic wages, high enough that they have discretionary spending and to get the economy moving again and so more of us make enough to pay taxes again.

Stop trying to scuttle the public sector employee using the excuse that the private sector employee is hurting, so therefore the government employee has to be hurt also. Instead of dragging the government employees down in the race to the bottom, raise the private sector up!

The first question that needs to be ask is:

How did we get where we are? Why are we so deep in debt? One only needs to go back 10 years or so to find out. Two things happened:

* The George W. Bush administration's tax cuts. Why were they cut? Why were they so lopsided toward the rich? The rest of us got crumbs to keep us quiet.

* Bush's two wars of choice. Both were put on the credit card to keep them off the books.

These two items alone would have bankrupted the U.S. But that wasn't good enough for the Republicans. Throw in all the deregulation done during the Bush years, the heads-we-win-tails-you- lose greed, fraud and gambling banks and Wall Street did with our money.

Is it not obvious that the fix should be to let the Bush administration's temporary tax cuts expire? Is it not obvious that illegal invasion and wars need to be stopped? One trillion dollars and counting: for what, really?

Wars don't stop terrorists, they breed them. Terrorism is a crime - vandalism gone big time. Treat it as such. War is not the answer. We don't gun down or blow up innocents in crime areas in this country to stop vandalism. So why does anyone think we can invade other countries and do that and it will work?

We have three major causes for the trillion-dollar debt: tax cuts, wars and deregulation. We need to let the tax cuts expire, stop the wars and re-regulate Wall Street and the rest of the financial institutions. In other words, undo everything Bush did.

Social Security has nothing to do with the debt. Nothing. Social Security needs fine-tuning. Why is there a problem in the first place? Because of all the job losses caused by shipping living-wage jobs overseas. Our economy will never recover without those living-wage jobs, along with the discretionary spending and the local, state and federal taxes that they generated.

We cannot have a recovery without a strong middle class - a middle class with low unemployment and living-wage jobs. That means manufacturing jobs.

Our government is charged by Article 8 of our Constitution to "... provide for the common defense and general welfare ..." Medicaid and Medicare both come under Article 8, as does Social Security - the government providing for the "general welfare." These programs are not part of any impediment to recovery. In fact, they are needed to help the recovery; they get money into general circulation.

The Republicans, the party of no, are on record saying they will do anything necessary to bring down President Barack Obama. Does it not stand to reason anything the Republicans want to do would then be suspect because of their public admission and treasonous goal of bringing down the government from the inside?

Rightwinger - "Obviously it is completely illogical to think that government could ever be made more efficient, more lean, and more effective. It's just simply not possible. Government is the definition of corrupt and unjust, especially if Obama is president."

Liberal - "And that's the way the right wing wants it. They don't want to improve government. They want it to be inefficient and corrupt so they can justify butchering the hell out of it, and that's why they do such a bang up job making government fail whenever they are elected."

Some Americans still don't get it.

It is both a spending and a revenue problem. It is a spending problem because of Bush's two wars of choice. Over One Trillion dollars and counting.
It is a revenue problem because of Bush's tax cuts.
Because of Bush's fiscal irresponsibility, the Federal income went down at the same time outgo went up. And also for the next ten years, our Living Wage Jobs were being outsourced, throwing millions out of work.
Because of job losses, federal tax revenues from those people went way down also, at the same time they started drawing unemployment, furthering the federal revenue problem.
The fix: Let all the tax cuts expire, at least those above $100,000. (Not $250,000) Stop the outsourcing of our Living Wage Jobs. Stop both of Bush's illegal wars of choice.
In other words undo everything Bush did since 2001.

What is so hard to understand?

I Voted

Approximately 30 years later we suffered the worst economic depression in our history because of the excesses of the 1920s unregulated capital and banking industries. Again the government stepped in to regulate the markets through the FDR administration which prevailed for almost 50 years. The Republicans took control of government in 1981 and almost 30 years later we are again back into economic crisis. Do we now understand what the Republicans have done to our economy?

The reason all of this happens is because the productivity of America is not shared equitably between the working class and the ownership class. And when the working class runs out of money the economy has to tank as it has done several times in the last 140 years. Without government oversight and redistribution of wealth through a progressive tax system, the ownership class is actually self destructing by stripping the working class of the ability to participate in the economy through consumption and investment. That is why we must help the rich predatory class understand that it is actually suicidal to continue the economic policy of the Republicans for the last 140 years.

The Truth

The reason you were much better off under bu$h than now is because bush inherited a booming economy from Clinton, then proceeded to trash it with his tax cuts for the rich and 2 wars off the books.

To say nothing of the deregulation. It took time to put things in place and for the effects to kick in. They did too good of a job. The second stock marked crash wasn't supposed to happen till AFTER Obama took over.

They failed to privatize Social Security by putting the funds in the stock market. That failer to move it was a good thing, because if that had happened, you would now be destitute if you depended on Social Security. Social Security doesn't need fixing. All that is wrong with Social Security is the high unemployment in this country cause by outsourcing of our living wage jobs over seas to better the bottom line for the stock-holders. Not enough people have living wage jobs anymore to fully support Social Security. You can thank Republican deregulation for that.

The government has determined that there has been no inflation (wrongly, I think, because the government uses cooked numbers). That determination was originally made on bush's watch and carried over to Obama's. The numbers used by necessity have to be 1-2 years behind reality.

As for bush's war(s), we were fed lies and misinformation, not the truth. I knew at the time we were being set up by the bush administration and even got into a shouting match with a boss (not mine) at work over it.

I have since been vindicated in my views. A country did not attack us. Saddam had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11.* Shock and awe wiped out, destroyed whole residential neighborhoods of innocent people. Turned them into a pink mist in the middle of the night. None of them had done anything to deserve their fate. A true war crime.

There were over 14 million people world wide demonstrating against bush's war. The media mostly ignored or down played the demonstrations. If we had been given the truth at the time, the wars would never have been started. Doesn't sound like we have a Liberal media in this country to me. The rest of the world knew. Why didn't we?

As under Clinton, a police investigation was called for after 9/11 and we had the whole world ready to help us. Our country did the absolutely the worst thing it could possably do and bush destroyed that good will we had and we are living with the results.

What Obama wants to do and what he can do are two different things. With the party of NO! fighting him every step of the way, no matter what he says or does, is it any wonder things haven't gotten much better? Beside it takes time, as in many decades, to repair all the damage bush did.

The bush years was in the planing since Nixon left. BTY, compared with what we have with Republicans today, Nixon would be a Left wing Liberal. Compare the Republican party up until the '60's to the embarrassment we have today with the Republican party.

This includes Guantanamo and the embarrassment of the treatment of the captives we have there. bu$h's torture fixation really complicated things. What with International law, Geneva Convention and all. To say nothing of our own Constitution. The prisoners were and still are mostly civilians, not prisoners of war of any army.

I am disappointed with Obama's stand on the Patriot Act also. It needs to be repealed in its entirety. It sure came out of nowhere, full blown shortly after 9/11. Just like there was a plan by somebody and they were ready. Large chunks do not pass the Constitutional test.

As for Health care, what this country really needs is to go to some form of Single Payer, Universal Health Care. Get rid of the greedy health insurance companies that are driving up health care costs. Do we really need all these many health insurance companies, each with its own highly paid CEO, board of directors, with their bonuses and 30 to 40% profit margins? That 7% BCBS-ND gives out as profit is a cooked number (see my last sentence).

As I said further up, it took time for the Republican's policies to kick in. The last stock market crash on bush's watch was not supposed to happen till after Obama took over. The Right had done too good of a job trashing this country.

How can the Democrats fix all that is wrong when not only are they fought every step of the way by no New Ideas Republicans, but the so called Democratic party is full of DINO's and ex-republicans helping the Republicans gutting of this once fine country. Please pay attention to what is going on, what our various congress critters are doing and not so much as to whether or not they have (D) or (R) by their name.

*The most ludicrous conspiracy theory [about 9/11]is the one about a bunch of untrained pilots armed with box cutters that managed to simultaneously evade the most sophisticated and formidable air defense system ever created and fly precise aerobatic maneuvers with giant passenger planes striking buildings with such precision they fell neatly into their own footprints. - Bob Dobbs

How to cut the Deficit

It seems rather obvious to me on how to cut the deficit. Undo everything Bush did!
We were doing great when he took over. Not so great when left.
He started two wars. Stop them both.
With no wars, we can cut the largest military budget in the world in half, then cut it in half again and still out spend any other country in the world.
He cut taxes for his rich friends. Reinstate them.
He deregulated Wall Street and it crashed twice. Re-regulate them.
He deregulated the banks. Re-regulate them.
He deregulated the oil companies. The result was the destruction of an entire ecosystem and a loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs.
We had living wage manufacturing jobs in this country. Change the laws to make it more profitable not to outsource our jobs overseas.
Break up the monopolies that are killing our new business.
Raise the interest rates on savings accounts.
Go to a Single Payer Universal Health Care system. Eliminate the greedy middle men that stand between our health care providers and our health care and sucks the money out of the recovery.
See how easy that is?
The Party of NO! has no answers except for more of the Bush same that got us into this finical mess in the first place. So why is anyone listening to them?

tabagger is Poor Republicians Fighting for Tax Cuts for the Rich

Mexico Gulf wildlife damage irreparable

Oil Cleanup Environmentalists documenting dead and injured wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico say BP will never be able to compensate for those that have lost their lives in the world's worst accidental oil spill ever, Press TV reported.

Seventy-five days after the Deepwater Horizon disaster, the US Fish and Wildlife Service staff along with a team with the National Oceanic Atmosphere Administration investigating the loss of wildlife and marine reported that BP would never be able to recover the loss of this life, WorldNewsVine said Sunday.

"Although, rehabilitation centers have been established in and around the Gulf states, BP will never be able to compensate for those that have lost their lives due to the carelessness and unsafe practices of deepwater oil drilling and exploration," the report added.
[More at link above]
"Accidental?" What accidental?
It seems BP did everything in their power to make this happen. They knew the BOP (Blow Out Preventer) was defective when they installed it. They damaged it further when they "tested" it. They knew it and ignored the evidence. There were no backup systems in place.
And the final straw was when PB had the heavy drilling mud replaced with sea water just before it blew out.
Then afterwards, the continued the use of the highly toxic dispersant, that is banned in most of the world for its toxicity, even after they were questioned on the toxicity. The sole purpose of this dispersant was to hide the real extent of the oil leaking from their mismanaged well.
Why are we allowing BP to be in charge of anything? Why don't we have anyone in jail yet? BP just destroyed an entire ecosystem and the livelyhoods of hundreds of thousands of people. And worse, this toxic shit is on its way around the world!

Palast_Best_Democracy_Money_Buy After Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and our blind support of Israel, what country in their right mind would want to help us?
Remember 9/11? The whole world was with us, willing to help us. What did we do? Went our own way and did 'Shock and Awe' on a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 - and terrorism was not tolerated under Saddam either. We destroyed a functional government and increased terrorism in the Middle East.
Katrina? We refused the help of other countries. In fact we did not even do that much to help most of the victims ourselves. The end result was we destroyed a thriving culture that was uniquely American.
And now, because of deregulation and greed again, because the almighty dollar is the highest God we worship, we have an environmental catastrophe that is destroying a large share of the marine life in the Gulf. BP cut corners, had no backups in place that are required elsewhere. And we gave them permission to do it.
We have destroyed the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of people that depended, both directly and indirectly, on fishing on the Gulf.
After how many months that this well has been gushing its toxic brew, where are all the offers of help?
The offers are there, but BP has turned most of them down. You just don't hear about them.
Several countries have offered to help us. Russia on how to Nuke the well. We turned them down, as well we should have. More information here:
Washington (CNN) -- Countries from around the world have offered to help the United States and BP deal with the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, but several nations' representatives tell CNN that they have not heard back after reaching out to officials.
U.S. and BP accepting few offers of international help, countries say
You want the same people that took us from Record Surplus to Record Debt in Record Time back in control?
Now why would you want that?

The Next Time You Hear: I want my Country Back... Think!

The next time you hear, "I want my country back..." Think!

Obstructionist Republican Clown.jpg Why does the Conservative Right hate America and its people so? They love wars, but won't sent their own kids to fight them. They praise the business and bank deregulation that brought this country down to its knees and almost the rest of the world. And cost a lot of them their living wage jobs.
Anything that helps the common man, they are against. Never mind that in reality most of them are also the common man.
They are working hard to dumb down the schools with their 'Teach To The Test' curriculum.
Don't they realize they are circling the same drain as the rest of the country? Because of the dumbing down of our education system, we are no longer the world leader in science, research or education. The Euro is being geared up to replace the American dollar in world trade. We are losing ground on almost everything good.
You have to feel sorry for a bunch of people that idolize Sarah Palin, revile against truth, facts and reality with their revisionist history and think the tea-baggers are somehow representative of something more than a ignorant group of people that want to go back to something that never was.
BTY, What is with the tea-baggers spelling anyway? Are they proud of that or what?
TWO health plans. One for Democrats. One for Republicans. Independents & non-voters can go either way.

Democrat's plan: Medicare for all available on a sliding-scale basis, based on income - or lack of it. Plan would be open to ALL the uninsured & uninsurable. Anyone who likes their insurance, & can afford to, can keep it, 30-75% increases and all. Others can change over to Medicare for all. Tax cuts to businesses who give fully-paid health insurance to their employees. Wellness care, dental and eyecare included. Donut holes will close. Access to purchasing Canadian drugs, although it won't be necessary. This plan would go into effect immediately.

Republican's plan: Status Quo, with the exception of having to pay for the 30-75% increases in health insurance and pharmaceutical drugs. The good news is they will be able to buy across state lines and, by showing their Voters Registration Card (Republican), there will be Tort Reform, and if they get in an accident, they will be S.O.L.; as will those with pre-existing conditions.

Did I miss anything?

ChicagoSuz219 Democratic Underground

Public Option Now A Public Option Would Provide Americans with a Low-Cost Alternative and Improve Market Competitiveness.

A strong public option would create better competition in our health insurance markets. Many Americans have no or little real choice of health insurance provider. Far too often, it's "take it or leave it" for families and small businesses. This lack of competition drives up costs and leaves private health insurance companies with little incentive to provide quality customer service.

A recent Health Care for America Now report on private insurance companies found that the largest five for-profit health insurance providers made $12 billion in profits last year, yet they actually dropped 2.7 million people from coverage. Private insurance -- by gouging the public even during a severe economic recession -- has shown it cannot function in the public's interest without a public alternative. Americans have nowhere to turn. That is not healthy market competition, and it is not good for the public.

If families or individuals like their current coverage through a private insurance company, then they can keep that coverage. And in some markets where consumers have many alternatives, a public option may be less necessary. But many local markets have broken down, with only one or two insurance providers available to consumers. Each and every health insurance market should have real choices for consumers.

There is a history of using reconciliation for significant pieces of health care legislation.

There is substantial Senate precedent for using reconciliation to enact important health care policies. The Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Medicare Advantage, and the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA), which actually contains the term 'reconciliation' in its title, were all enacted under reconciliation.

The American Enterprise Institute's Norman Ornstein and Brookings' Thomas Mann and Molly Reynolds jointly wrote, "Are Democrats making an egregious power grab by sidestepping the filibuster? Hardly." They continued that the precedent for using reconciliation to enact major policy changes is "much more extensive . . . than Senate Republicans are willing to admit these days."

There is strong public support for a public option, across party lines.

The overwhelming majority of Americans want a public option. The latest New York Times poll on this issue, in December, shows that despite the attacks of recent months Americans support the public option 59% to 29%. Support includes 80% of Democrats, 59% of Independents, and even 33% of Republicans.

Much of the public identifies a public option as the key component of health care reform -- and as the best thing we can do to stand up for regular people against big insurance companies. In fact, overall support for health care reform declined steadily as the public option was removed from reform legislation.

Although we strongly support the important reforms made by the Senate-passed health reform package, including a strong public option would improve both its substance and the public's perception of it. The Senate has an obligation to reform our unworkable health insurance market -- both to reduce costs and to give consumers more choices. A strong public option is the best way to deliver on both of these goals, and we urge its consideration under reconciliation rules.


Michael Bennet (D-CO), U.S. Senator
Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), U.S. Senator
Jeff Merkley (D-OR), U.S. Senator
Sherrod Brown (D-OH), U.S. Senator
Source: Huffington Post

The Supreme Court Corporate Coup
gavel In A blow for the censorship lobby, Vincent Carroll asks the rhetorical question "How dare the court strike a blow for equality of speech?" I'd like to respond to him with a non-rhetorical question of my own - Where, in the U.S. Constitution, did the founding fathers recognize Constitutional rights to Corporations? The answer, of course, is that they didn't.

Corporations, which did exist at the time the United States was founded, were viewed with great mistrust by the founding fathers. In an 1816 letter to George Logan, Thomas Jefferson said: "I hope we shall... crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country." Having just fought a revolution to free themselves from the King of England, the founders NEVER would have given the human rights that they fought and died for, to Corporations, which they saw as being nearly as autocratic.

The five conservative Supreme Court Justices in the majority in the Citizens' United case are all men who have claimed to be "strict constructionists" - judges who base their legal decisions on "the original intent of the framers of the Constitution." Instead, with this decision, they have proven themselves to be the most radical activist judges to have ever sat on the Supreme Court.

Mr. Carroll may think I am being an alarmist, but, it is not possible to OVERSTATE the terribly negative impact of Citizens' United decision. The Supreme Court has given Corporations - including huge, foreign multi-national corporations - the Constitutional right to spend an UNLIMITED amount of corporate money to influence U.S. elections.

So let's say, for example, that my Congressman, Republican Mike Coffman, proposes legislation to cap credit card interest rates at 20%. Now, there is nothing, legally, to prevent an American bank, like Citigroup, or a foreign bank like the Credit Suisse, from coming into Colorado the next time Mike Coffman is up for re-election, and simply buying up ALL of the air time on every local TV station, so that they can run anti-Coffman attack ads, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It doesn't matter how much money Mike Coffman raises from citizens here in Colorado. A huge multi-national, like Credit Suisse, can simply come in to Colorado, and by writing one big check, match and exceed, every dollar Congressman Coffman has raised.

How is giving Corporations the legal right to buy elections "equality of speech," Mr. Carroll?

It is not an exaggeration to say that the Supreme Court's decision means the end of small "d" democracy in the United States. The rule "one man, one vote" no longer applies. From here on out, elections will be won by the candidates backed by the biggest corporate donors.

Benito Mussolini, who coined the term, defined "fascism" as the merger of the power of the corporations with the power of the State. That is exactly what the Supreme Court accomplished with it decision in the Citizens' United case.

The only question left is whether "We the People" are going to accept the new corporate order, or fight back against it with every legal, and political, means at our disposal?
Source - Permission
Editor's Note: This is an excellent example of the Republicans having everyone else on the menu, because "We the people..." sure are not dining at this table.

Written by: mike kohr 2/12/2008
snprelief1a.png Criminologists look for patterns to solve and prevent crimes. And in the comparison of the economic records of Democrat and Republican administrations there is a glaring pattern all but ignored by the corporate media. Nine of the last ten recessions have occurred under the direction of Republican economic policy. And proving that history does repeat itself, examine the three greatest slowdowns in US economic history, 1929*, 1982, 2007, all three were attributed to poor economic and tight credit policy, all three featured deregulation and lack of oversight of the financial markets, and all three were presided over by a Republican President.

Recession of 2007-present George W. Bush(R) Greatest downturn since 1929, blamed on lack of regulation of financial markets and collapse of credit markets

Recession of 2001 George W. Bush(R) Began in April of 2001, marked the beginning of greatest deficit spending in all of recorded human history

Recession of 1990-1991 George H.W. Bush(R) Deregulation of Savings and Loan industry led to a collapse and panic, which led to election of Bill Clinton, who produced the greatest increase in jobs and wealth in all of recorded human history

Recession of 1981-1982 Ronald Reagan(R) At the time, the most severe contraction of economy since the Great Depression, massive deficit spending/deregulation of markets, and tight fiscal policy in an effort to kill inflation were blamed for this downturn **

Recession of 1980 2nd & 3rd quarters Jimmy Carter (D) Shortest and least severe slow down, generally attributed to Iranian Revolution and increase in oil prices, led to the election of Ronald Reagan

Recession of 1973-1975 Richard M Nixon(R) OPEC's increase in oil prices and massive spending in the escalation of war in Vietnam led to stagflation, the second economic crash of Nixon's administration

Recession of 1969-1970 Richard M. Nixon(R) Credited to Nixon's escalation of and massive spending in Vietnam War and OPEC's increase in price of oil

Recession of 1960-1961 Dwight D. Eisenhower(R) Noted for high unemployment, low GDP, high inflation JFK ended the recession by stimulating the economy 10 days after taking office

Recession of 1957-1958 Dwight D. Eisenhower(R) Eisenhower achieved the dubious distinction of achieving a second economic downturn on his watch, a record later matched by Richard M. Nixon, and George W. Bush

Recession of 1953 Dwight D. Eisenhower(R) Increased outlays to National defense and restrictive credit policies blamed for this downturn.

There are few things that are certain in life but this economic record of the last 58 years provides one. When a Republican is elected to the White House, there is a 100% chance that the economy will slide into a recession and a 50% chance that two or more recessions will occur.

With an unbroken record of fubar, failure and foul up one would expect Republicans to have a (FU) after their names instead of a (R). A (no) would be more appropriate. Not a single Republican member of Congress voted for President Obama's 2009 Economic Stimulus plan. The "Know Nothing" Republican Party has a long history of saying no. They said no to the creation of the Social Security System, and the creation of Medicare, the two most successful poverty reduction programs in US history. That's not all they said no to.

Bill Clinton's economic stimulus plan of 1993 produced the greatest wealth and job creation in all of recorded human history. Clinton's economic plan reduced the National Debt by $587 billion, and balanced 5 budgets, exactly 5 times as many balanced budgets as produced by the last five Republican presidents -combined-.
Not a single Republican House member voted for it.

Here's what they had to say about Clinton's Stimulus plan of 1993:
From the Files by David Waldman
(Congress Matters, February 15, 2009)

Rep. Dick Armey (R-TX), CNN, 8/2/93:
"Clearly this is a job killer in the short run...The deficit will be worse,..."

Rep. Newt Gingrich (R-GA), GOP Press Conference, House TV Gallery, 8/5/93:
"I believe this will lead to a recession next year."

Rep. Deborah Pryce (R-OH), 5/27/93:
"(This) will lead to more taxes, higher inflation, and slower economic growth."

Rep. Jim Bunning (R-KY), 8/5/93:
"It will not create jobs."

This from the same know nothing crowd that gave us 9 of the last 10 recessions.

There has been a crime of economic ineptitude perpetrated on the American people. No one seems to see the pattern nor is anyone confronting the stumblebums responsible for it. And they are so easy to spot. They are the one's saying no.
mike kohr
*The Great Depression of 1929 Herbert Hoover(R) Lasted for 10 years, blamed on Hoover's economic policy and lack of regulation of financial markets
** "The Reagan Recession" which ran from the 4th quarter of 1981 thru the 1st quarter of 1982 is often categorized as starting under Carter's watch during the 2nd & 3rd quarters of 1980. By the end of the 3rd quarter of 1980 that brief recession had rebounded. Starting in the 4th quarter of 1980, 3 of the next 4 quarters produced increased GDP. Reagan's tight fiscal policy and massive deficit spending contracted the economy again in late 1981, producing unemployment of 10.8% and prime interest rates that hovered between 15% and 20.5%

Source: www.democraticunderground.com journals.democraticunderground.com/mikekohr

Thursday, January 07, 2010
North Dakota committed to Stone Age

caveman.jpg The simple minded Republicans in North Dakota are licking their chops. None of them remembers the Bush disaster. What happens when Republicans have total control? The Republican dream is to cut taxes on the rich to zero, and the hell with the poor. Throw in a little guns, gays, and God jazz, and you got the mix just right. North Dakota is a welfare state. North Dakota get about two dollars back for every dollar it sends to the federal government. The Republicans in North Dakota like to pretend they are a successful breed. The Republicans did have the foresight to put some coal and oil under the state. That along with federal welfare have done wonders. More than anything the Republicans in North Dakota remind Kadizzle of the rooster that crows and thinks he made the sun come up. Once the Republicans have complete control of North Dakota it will be like sending your kid out with a BB gun at age four. All you have to do is wait for the report of a blinded child. God must have loved the simple minded, he made so many of them.
Posted by Mike at 7:44 AM 0 comments

219229-caduceus01_large.png Not an insurance problem? Golly gee, what has the 'health care' debate been about since before Baucus had a bunch of people thrown in jail for trying to present the most obvious solution to the lack of affordable health care in this country. A solution that has been 'off the table' since the beginning. You know, the solution that the rest of the world has been doing for many decades already? Maybe you've forgotten the almost yearly junkets, bonuses, obscene salaries and golden parachutes of our very own BCBS-ND.
The 1.4 million dollars a day of your health insurance premiums that the insurance companies are spending on lobbyist? Max Baucus has 6 lobbyist assigned to him alone.
And the fact the health insurance companies are making out like bandits in both the House and Senate versions of the "Health Reform" bills.
The yearly premium increases that out strips any justification from inflation? Premiums so high that health insurance premiums alone are sucking enough money out of the economy to stall recovery? Being dropped from the rolls when people need it the most - The real death panels? Having a choice between living and bankruptcy?
It is an insurance issue. The best way to reform our health care system is to get rid of the greedy, parasitic, money sucking middleman and do what the rest of the world has already done. Get control of the money flow.
Some form of Single Payer, Universal Health care where profits and standing on the stock exchange are not the primary concern of your health care. Where you don't suddenly become become a liability after paying in for decades because of an accident or cancer or some other big bucks health problem.
Yeah, I'd say it is an insurance problem, big time.
December 19, 2009 at 12:00 AM EST
WhiteHouse.png "The President looks back to the bipartisan Patient's Bill of Rights, a bill that was defeated in Congress at the hands of special interests and their supporters, and notes that health insurance reform covers the same ground and much more in terms of giving the consumers the upper hand over their insurance companies. He calls on the Senate to allow an up-or-down vote, and for those opposing reform to stop using parliamentary maneuvers to drag it out."
Weekly Address: The Patient's Bill of Rights and Health Reform

No Mr. Obama. The toughest measures would include Single Payer, Universal Health care.
The best solution never saw the light of day from either you or the many bribed bought off sociopathic members of Congress awarded with the largeness of our health insurance companies. The largeness back by misdirecting our premium dollars in flatulent..., errr fraudulent schemes in collusion with the very government that is charged by the Constitution of promoting and providing for the general welfare of  "We the people...".
Anything short of Single Payer, Universal Health Care is not only unconstitutional, it is a violation of Human Rights. The rest of the world has figured it out and their health care expenses are less than half of ours, while taking care of all of their citizens.
How can we be a world leader when we are trailing the pack?

December 25, 2009, 12:31 am
What has been conspicuous by its absence is any study of what other industrialized countries have done. Why? They used to have systems similar to what we have now. They all went to some kind universal health care. None of them want to go back to what they had before. And absolutely none of them want what we have now or will be getting. So tell me again why we want what we have now, especial since what we have is costing us, U.S. twice as much as anyone else? The current bills in congress don't address cost in any real way, except to make sure the insurance companies don't get short changed. We again go our own rudderless way, pushed wherever depending on which way and how strong the [political] wind is blowing. The crew be damned.
(For an enlarged graphic, click on thumbnail)

09/01/2009 5:26 PM
So all you people that don't want better health care. Less expensive health care. Health care for everyone.

You like the price gouging, the outrageous premiums that keep going up and up and up every year. The unpaid claims. Having your insurance dropped when you needed it the most. Losing your insurance when you change jobs. Filing for bankruptcy because profits and stockholders are more important than you or a family members life, even after paying in for decades without any claims. Knowing that the upper management of these FOR-PROFIT insurance companies are in reality profiting off your health problems.

greed_dolls1.jpg The health insurance companies are in collusion now. What makes you think they will decide to compete with each other if they are allowed to cross state lines? That is what we have now in the For-Profit Health insurance industry. They are in it for the money, you become a liability when you file a claim.

What we need is what the rest of the world has gone to. Some kind of universal health care for everyone. Government controlled. It will cost you less than what you are paying now. You will not have to worry about bankruptcy. You will be covered. You can still choose your doctor. No co-pays. No surprise bills. Keep this in mind; if the right-wing republican, conservative fear mongers are saying something is so, just assume they are lying. They do it all the time so you know the truth and facts lay elsewhere.

The Preamble to the Constitution starts with "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, ..., promote the general Welfare..."

Good health is part of the general welfare of this country. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It is in the Constitution! Look it up.
Don't you think it is time we faced reality and rejected the lies of the Republicans in support of the excessive 'profits before service' insurance companies and joined the rest of the civilized countries around the world in taking care of all of our citizens.

"A piece of logic: If a country we attacked had never threatened us or our freedom, then necessarily our soldiers who die there cannot have been defending us. They died for empire, not liberty."

skull-and-bones1.png This country is so obsessed with money and death. Overseas, we bomb and shoot innocent people who have done nothing to deserve their fate and in this country we kill our own for profit by denying them health care or sending them to wars we start. This nation's greatest export are arms and ammunition.
Can't we love our country without killing our soldiers? Can't we love our country without killing people around the world for profit?
Spreading Freedom? What kind of freedom needs a gun barrel to enforce it? The wild West ended over a century ago. The mentality that accompanied it should have died then also. However the wild west mentality is still alive and well in the minds of the paranoid, reality challenged war supporters. Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11. Afghanistan has a few caves and no government to speak of. With the tens of billions we spend on our military for wars and we can't find a man with kidney disease in one of those caves? So we bomb wedding parties for something to show for the money? No wonder this country is sliding into 3rd world status.

Shaking Hands: Iraqi President Saddam Hussein greets Donald Rumsfeld, then special envoy of President Ronald Reagan, in Baghdad on December 20, 1983. The Iraqi's were far better off under Saddam than they are now. Safer too. Saddam wasn't threat to his own neighbors, let alone us, U.S.
Hitler was a threat to his neighbors and the world. There is no comparison here. Viet Nam was another war we should never have been involved in. What about the millions WE killed over there? For what? You are probably too young to remember 'Nam anyway. I am not. We don't go to war because we love war, we start wars for the profits of our mega-corporations. GE, Lockheed, Halliburton and a whole host of others. Don't forget their friends like Blackwater, now called Xe. The Empire building is just an excuse to keep the wars going longer. Our own people are suffering. Our own infrastructure is falling apart. We need to start paying attention to this country. Why do we seem to have plenty of money for wars, but not enough to take care of our own country?
Shaking Hands: Iraqi President Saddam Hussein greets Donald Rumsfeld, then special envoy of President Ronald Reagan, in Baghdad on December 20, 1983.

09/24/2009 6:07 AM What I find amazing is the number of people that think our problems started on January 20 at 12 Noon of this year. Very little to nothing before that date has affected what has and is happening since them. Simply amazing. Well, 'Simple' is an apt descriptive term for their 'thinking'.
Everything is Obama's fault. Never mind the Right had total control for the last 8+ years. Never mind we have Two ongoing wars, both of which we were lied into. Never mind all the corruption ( No bid contracts) surrounding those two wars. Never mind the worse terrorist attack in this country was allowed to happen on their watch. Never mind the housing bubble happened because of deregulation to "Allow Capitalism to work". Never mind the Stock market crashed on bu$h's watch for the same deregulated reason.
NOoooo... Everything is Obama's fault because he has been in office for 8 months and has not fixed everything the Right wing has been bent on destroying for the last 40 years. Simple people indeed.

What is really need for economic recovery is to get our manufacturing jobs back in this country. Let's use the stimulus money for that.
For too many companies, the next bottom line rules. The CEO's cannot see past their next big bonuses and golden parachutes to the long term damage they are doing to their business and collectively to the American economy as a whole.
Without a healthy middle class driving the economy this country is doomed to become a two tired, poverty stricken 3rd world country. Our real unemployment rate is 17-19% and growing. In some parts of the country it is 25%+
More and more people with collage degrees are stocking shelves at the big box stores and supermarkets. Have you noticed that the person at the fast food window is now more often not a teenager, but a middle aged man or woman? These are symptoms of our downward spiral.

"Private industry has screwed the industry up. That's the claim trumpeted over and over again, but it's largely due to how the government is involved." What really happened is that private industry bought enough congress critters to deregulate itself. It is lack of government oversight that is the problem. 30% to 40% of every dollar in this country that you pay for private health insurance goes for administrative over head. In Canada it is less than 2% and everyone is covered. Well over 80% of Canadians like their health care system. And it works. They take care of you first, unlike here where they ask for your insurance card or credit card and call it in before they will treat you. Health care should not be a commodity to be traded on the NY stock exchange. Because of outright greed of the insurance companies and the republican's superstitious ignorance, people are dying for profits and stock options. That is not right. Actually that is the problem, it is Right, Right-Wing. We need to fix it by make it Liberal.

I have an idea. Those that think we should not have empathy for and/or help those that need help, just opt out of society and leave the rest of us alone. Move to the mountains or the deep woods somewhere and depend on yourself for your own survival. Stop leaching off the rest of us.
Normal humans are social animals and as such we have evolved to depend on each other, to help each other. Hence, we live in societies - groups, villages, towns, cities... In all cases the members pool their various resources for the betterment of others. Paved streets, clean water, defense, to name a very few items.
Right now we have a self-centered anti-social group (For Private Profit Insurance Companies) killing the less fortunate for their own gain (Private Death Panels, denied claims), supported by a bunch of gullible ignoramuses that think they already have theirs and it is all theirs and they should get to keep it all.
They can't admit to the fact that they are in the same boat as everyone else. One job loss, one accident, one cancer from bankruptcy. They cannot seem to be able to look around themselves and see all those others that have already lost their livelihoods, their homes and even their lives because of a segment of our society that believes that we should all be in it for ourselves - The conservatives, the capitalists. That we don't have an obligation to help each other.
Well, we do. That is why nothing less than Single Payer, Universal Health Care is necessary for this country to be able to progress toward civilization, just as the rest of the industrialized countries have already done. None of them are looking to go back to what they had. In fact they are all looking at us and wondering why we don't finally join them in caring for each other!
Single Payer, Universal Health Care is the civilized way.

10/28/09 Mpls Tribune
An Oct. 25 letter writer asserts that the private sector does health care best, declaring, "Entrepreneurs are not perfect, but more reason exists in the free marketplace."
The main "reason" guiding for-profit companies is the mandate that their first priority is to make profits for their shareholders, not to provide health care for their insurees.
Over the past year, we have certainly learned of the many egregious practices used by health insurance companies to maintain those profits by denying coverage to insurees, and have heard innumerable horror stories of very sick people who fell victim to them.
To top it off, the industry has used $263.4 million of the premium money we pay to fund six lobbyists per each of the 535 congressional legislators to fight the single-payer and public option plans preferred by the public.
This kind of "reason" we can do without. Congress is supposed to protect the public welfare. The despicable tactics of the health insurance industry are a definite reason to shut it down.

Socialism vs Capitalism


Join the Party

Always the next bottom line.

Nobody can see the long term. Just the next bottom line. Why?
Letting the bu$h tax cuts expire will ruin this Christmas for so many. But what about the next Christmas and the Christmas after that, when the economy picks up? Jobs, even Living-Wage-Jobs will be more plentiful? We can't worry about what is down the road, we need to worry only about right now. We can worry about later, later. We have to put out this fire right now. We can't be worrying about how to prevent those fires in the first place. No time! That cuts into the the time needed to fix this problem.

We must continue to diddle with the symptoms, least we accidentally deal with the root cause of something and actually fix a problem.
What will we ever do if we actually start to fix too many problems? What if we run out of problems to fix? How will we function then?
Oh, so much to worry about now, we can't worry about the future. Time is of the essence. Time is running out. There won't be a future if we don't fix this RIGHT NOW!!!!1!1 Forget the future and deal with this NOW!

Let me get this straight
Let me get this straight

The Republican party ticket is a businessman who has declared his business records off limits and a career politcian who hates government?

The real cause of Social Security's money problem is...

shipping our good paying, Living Wage Jobs over seas and replacing them with part time, minimum wage jobs.
Lower wages means less money payed into Social Security. Also less money payed into Medicare. There is nothing wrong with Social Security that getting our Living Wage Jobs back into this country for American Citizens, will not fix. It is that simple.
Single Payer Universal Health Care is the fix for Medicare. Every other civilized country and many not so civilized countries have some form of universal health care, why not us, US? How can we be the Greatest nation on earth, if we can't/won't even take care of our own citizens? Other countries cover everyone, at far less cost than we do just for those than can afford it. Why is that?

Tying Social Security to the General Budget is a con job to further destroy Social Security, nothing more. In the next round of budget cuts, Social Security in now venerable. The precedent has been set.
The debt and deficit was and still are caused by the tax cuts for those most able to pay and the Bush II Administration's wars of choice, that he put on the credit card. The fix, besides stop generating more new terrorists with our needless, for-corporate-profit wars? Raise taxes back up to where they need to be to pay for what is needed to be done.
Stop the wars, thereby saving many tens of Billions of dollars for needed infrastructure repair in this country. That would also generate hundreds of thousands of Living Wage Jobs, through spin-off jobs, jump starting the economy, insuring Social Security would be solvent far, far into the future.
Basically undo EVERYTHING the last Administration did and the current crop of Republicans are still doing.

Bernie telling it like it is

Why is no one is talking about Living Wage Jobs?

No help wanted Just jobs. Comparing jobs that pay a little better, against part time, minimum wage, no benefit jobs is not really much of an improvement.
For an actual recovery, we need Living-Wage-Jobs with benefits. This is not happening. They are not even talking about Living-Wage-Jobs. Just jobs.
Even if everyone had one or more 'just jobs', there still could not be much of a recovery. Without Living-Wage-Jobs, with everyone having a 'just job', we could still end up at the bottom of Third World status.
We are being had here people. We are being fed the notion that 'just jobs' is enough for a recovery. With a 'just job', working 25 hours a week is not much of an improvement over working 20 hours a week.
Whenever Jobs or Recovery are mentioned, bring up "Living-Wage-Jobs." Ask "Where are they?" There is a reason I hyphenate 'Living-Wage-Jobs'. To tie Living, Wages and Jobs together. For the working class, none of those can stand alone and survive.

Why would anyone sane vote for, let alone support, anyone the Republican Party has put up for President since 2000?

These multimillionaires are Presidential material? Do any of them have any workable plans to stop our downward spiral into 3rd world status? Other than to cut taxes for themselves and ignore our Pentagon and war budgets, as if the trillions didn't matter to our enormous debt and deficits.
All they do are personal attacks on each other. Any workable plans to stop the wars? Any discussion on why our "Defense" budget is larger than the rest of the world combined and what they plan to do about it? Any plans to pay off the debt besides tax cuts for themselves and incompetent plans to overhaul the tax code and safety net programs that would ensure more people would die in the streets?

Why would any sane person vote for, let alone support anyone the Republican Party has had running for President since 2000? Fascist Clown Car Occupant is much too kind.
The Republican Party, the party or NO!, the party that has brought us 2 wars off the books, record debt and deficits through tax cuts and corrupt war mongering, high joblessness though outsourcing our Living wage jobs to reward CEO's with billions, while doing their best to rip up the safety net programs designed to help those very people made destitute by the Republican's party's actions.
The party whose stated mission is to make Obama a one term President. Instead the Republican party works to fight against the repair of the damage to our country their Sociopathic political platform has caused.
The same Party that has fought tooth and nail to stop any economic recovery, at the expense of the rest of us, just because they have a problem with the Black man in the White House? The party whose stated Number one goal is to make Obama a one term president, even if it means trashing the country to do so?
Why do people vote against their own self interests to elect these greedy multimillionaires that are working to bankrupt the rest of us?
(Updated 01/09/2011)

Picture source: Democratic Underground

The Payroll Tax Cut opens a door between the General Fund and the totally separately taxed fund for Social Security.

A door that was not even there before. That is the real reason this particular tax cut was set up as it was in the first place, to establish that connecting door.

Secondary to that is the propaganda of giving people a little extra money. That was to sell the tax cut and to make it harder to rescind. Those that need the money the most, get the least and vice versa. And down the road that is just that much less money to pay out to retirees. The replacement funds from the general fund is a smoke screen, a Trojan Horse, if you will. The small amount each tax payer gets is too small to do much for any recovery. All it will do is make Christmas revenues look a little better, so they can say "Hey look we are still on the road to recovery". The reality will be 'not so much'.

People should be concerned about taking money from a broken general fund to pay for Social Security paychecks. How long should we expect that to continue? And speaking of the General Fund, they are taking money from the General fund to replace money taken from the Social Security fund. Why not take it from the General fund in the first place? Why the money shuffle?

Most people will not connect the dots, let alone look far enough down the road to if/when the Republicans have full control of Congress again and they will try to balance the budget with their treasonous Grover Norquist's "No new taxes" mime of "if it gets spent here, we have to cut there" mentality.

The cuts will come from Social Security because it is now "funded" from the General Fund. Never mind most of it is still not, but the perception put out by our greedy overlords, will be Social Security is killing any attempt to balance the budget and therefore will have to be cut or eliminated.

And that is why the Payroll Tax Cut is wrong from the get-go. We are being had again people.

Debt panel ready to admit failure

Is it any wonder this panel is admitting failure? After all, they have not addressed the root cause of any of the real problems in any realistic way.
With six Republicans and six hand picked DINO's to stack the deck, this was to be expected. That was the plan.

We had a surplus in 2000 and were setup to pay off the debt in 10 years. Our economy was booming. Jobs were plentiful. All that needed to be done was... Nothing. Just let it ride.

9/11 should have been a cost shared, international police action. Not invade and destroy a country that had nothing to do with either 9/11 or with terrorism. And then we shiped them (Iraq) Billion of dollars on shrink wrapped pallets to bribe those left with the power in Iraq, to silence their opposition to their country's destruction and to grease the theft of their oil.

What did bush and the republicans do here? They Cut taxes. They Outsourced good Living Wage Jobs. They Started two unnecessary wars on our children's credit card. They deregulated the big banks, financial institutions and Wall Street, allowing them to not only gamble with our money, but to keep the winnings from their gambling and to socialize their losses at our expense.
The financial institutions got bailed out, but Main Street did not. Main Street is too close to the people for the Republicans to help. In other words the Republicans bailed on, but not out of Main Street. The Republicns blamed the ballooning deficit on government spending for well run programs. Programs that actually helped American citizens. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment insurance, and a host of smaller programs that benefited the 99%. Programs that the Well-To-Do don't need.

This panel ignored the Republican tax cuts, except for lying to us, U.S., by trying to tell us less government revenue generated more money for the government to spend. They all but ignored the Pentagon Defense budget. A defense budget as large as the rest of the world combined. All it got was a token "cut" and not the major slashing it deserves. They all but ignored the deregulation of our financial institutions that are at the root of the recession/depression we are currently enjoying. This panel ignored the cost of the ongoing wars.

And don't forget Grover Norquest's treasonous "No New Tax pledge". A pledge that most Republicans in Congress signed.
The Taxpayer Protection Pledge Signers 112th Congressional List
Grover Norquist's pledge

"Taxpayer Protection Pledge

I, _____, pledge to the taxpayers of the (____ district of the) state of ______ and to the American people that I will: ONE, oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rate for individuals and business; and TWO, oppose any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits, unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing tax rates."

However, everyone in Congress also took a oath to uphold the Constitution. An oath that overrides any other oaths or pledges they may have taken.

Oath of Office for Congress:
"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God."

Does this Oath sound like what the Republicans are living up to? They would be hard pressed to prove it.

We don't honor men who beat their children with the assumption that the beatings will "teach them to respect him."
Why on earth should we honor men who kill other people with the assumption that peace will somehow magically spring from murder?
Democratic Underground


It is an Entitlement. It is owed me. I am entitled.
I paid in for 48 years for the time when I retire.
This is our money, your's and mine, in a seperate fund setup for this purpose.
These are not funds in the General Fund to do with as Congress desires.

No Cuts
The clown fest that was the Republican
presidential candidate debate

Why is unemployment so high? Because businesses are rewarded with tax breaks when they ship our Living Wage Jobs over seas.
Why is our infrastructure crumbling? Because the tax cuts for the Well-To-Do are sucking the money necessary for a robust economy out of circulation. Without money circulating in the economy, our schools will suffer, our bridges will collapses, our police and fire departments will be short handed and under equipped. Businesses will keep failing for lack of customers, raising the number of unemployed, which will cause more businesses to fail for lack of customers.
The problem is not too much regulation, the problem is not enough regulation. This country was fine, with a healthy economy until gwbush was installed. His administration cut taxes on the Well-To-Do, started two wars off the books and deregulated Wall Street, the big financial institutions and engaged in wholesale deregulation of big business.
The resulting recession is still ongoing because the root causes have not been addressed, merely danced around. This is the fault of both parties.
Without addressing the real causes, the root causes of why this country is in such economic distress, there can be no economic recovery. And there can be no recovery until the Republican Party of NO! is brought under control and voted out of office. Their stated objective is to make the Obama Administration fail and not much else. Nowhere in their words or actions are there any indication they have the general welfare of the country or of the people, as mentioned in the Constitution, in mind. The have no real solutions for any recovery or for any other problems this country faces. For further proof, look at the clown fest that was the Republican presidential candidate debate. Then look at who they had for presidential candidates for the last election. The quitter and the geezer.

Surely now, they can't really be serous... can they?

Ever notice how the Republicans
are becoming the party of the insane?

Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Tim pawlenty, Eric Cantor, Grover Norquist and hordes of lesser known's.
Reality? Treason? Sedition? Wadat?
Swear to uphold the Constitution? How quaint. Grover Norquist's plan to drown the government in the bathtub is more important than "We the people..." and the Constitution they all swore to uphold.
Gotta make those rich people richer. Let the poor die in the streets, they ain't got no money anyhow.
Hardball: Bruce Bartlett desroys every Republican fiscal talking point in 5 minutes.

CM: Bruce Bartlett is former Deputy Assistant Treasury Secretary under the first George Bush and a policy adviser to Ronald Reagan. Bottom line, let's look at the numbers right now. We've got a chart coming up. This shows the Bush tax cuts were responsible for increasing the debts. Now, we have about a $14 trillion debt right now, half came out since the turn of the century, and more than 40% of that has been from tax cuts.

BB: That's right. When Bush took office, we had a debt of about $6 trillion. The projections from the CBO were that we were going to run a $6 trillion surplus. By this point, if we had done nothing, we would have paid off the dead debt, but we added about $3 trillion of tax cuts. We lost about $3 trillion of revenue because of the slower economy and added about $6 trillion of spending, largely due to two unfinished wars and a Medicare drug benefits and a lot of other things. So, instead of getting -- paying off the debt--we ended up with about a $14 trillion debt.


The party of NO!
The party of NO! got us into this economic mess with two unnecessary, off budget wars and major tax cuts for those most able to pay. Now they want Social Security and Medicare recipients to shoulder the costs. Neither Social Security or Medicare has anything to do with the debt or the deficit. We pay for those with a line item out of each pay check.
When the Republicans are in control, deficits don't matter. Now suddenly they do? What changed besides the political affiliation of the President? With the change of the President, suddenly all that the Republicans said was good under the last Administration, now are bad?
Where is the welfare or the American people in this three ring circus that is our dysfunctional government? John Boehner never even hinted last night.
Why is there no talk of cutting the Pentagon budget, a budget as large as the rest of the world combined? Why is there no talk of stopping the 5 or 6 or however many wars we've started.
Where is the talk of changing the tax structure to bring our Living Wage Jobs back into this country again? Living Wage jobs that use to be the powerful engine for a booming economy.
Where is the talk on making the Well-To-Do pay their fair share of taxes again? Why do they think it is OK to make Social Security and Medicare recipients pay for the Republican's greed?
Why are we the only industrialized country without some form of Single Payer, Universal Health Care?
The Republicans have proven beyond a doubt, they don't want to improve government. They want it to be inefficient and corrupt so they can justify butchering the Hell out of it, and that's why they do such a bang up job making government fail whenever they are elected.
Treason anyone?
Medical coverage is best if every one is covered
The answer to our high health costs is Single Payer, Universal Health Care. We as a country have the highest health cost in the world. Why? Because of the "Your Money or Your Life", profits first mentality of the health insurance companies. Millions have no coverage at all. 30 to 40% of our health insurance premiums goes for overhead and profits. Medicare is only 3% or so overhead, no profit involved. The money just goes to pay the bills. You lose your job, you lose your coverage. Or at the very least the premiums you pay go way up.
Medical coverage is best if every one is covered. Single Payer, Universal Health Care will do this. We are the last hold out. No other country wants what we have for health care in this country. Every other industrialized country has gone to some kind of universal health care. None are going back to private insurance coverage.

Why do we have such deplorable, expensive health care in this country? Why haven't we gone to a single payer payer health care plan as everyone else has?

It's because the Republicans don't want to improve government. They want it to be inefficient and corrupt so they can justify butchering the hell out of it, and that's why they do such a bang up job making government fail whenever they are elected. The party of NO! is working to bankrupt this country for their own benefit.
The treasonous Grover Norquist's "No New Tax pledge" is only one way they plan to bankrupt this country. The wars are off the table. The Pentagon budget, larger than the rest of the world combined, will suffer only minor token cuts at best. But programs that have proven to be of benefit to millions of middle and lower class American citizens that depend on them, are on the table to be basically destroyed.
Our Constitution Starts out "We the people.." Where are the people in all this budget cutting? How can we be the Greatest nation on earth, if we can't/won't even take care of our own citizens?

Except for the idiots...
Except for the idiots who keep voting for the treasonous Right wing criminals who are working to overthrow the United States government, how does a working mom, disabled veteran, a laborer who lives paycheck to paycheck bear the burden of blame for the mess that the George W. Bush Republicans created?
GOP motto: If it aint broke, fix it till it is.

Now that we've correctly laid the blame, how do we fix the mess the Republicans made?
Simple. Undo everything the Republicans have done. Rescind Bush's tax cuts on those most able to pay them. Stop the wars. Cut back the Pentagon budget and the military to what it was under Bill Clinton. We make our own enemies because war is profitable. Close most of our military bases around the world. Then slash the Pentagon budget another 50%. Change the laws to make it hurt to out-source our Living Wage Jobs.
Re-regulate Wall Street, the banks, our multinational corporations with head quarters in this country. Reenact the Glass-Steagall Act.
Pay a Living Wage. Enact Single Payer, Universal Health care in this country, as the rest of the world has gone to. Put the greedy, parasitic, useless, middlemen, "Your Money or Your Life" health insurance companies out of business.

In other words do absolutely everything the opposite the Treasonous Republicans and their DINO counter parts around the country want to do and then this country will recover, prosper and once again be a great country that we can be proud of.

The real reason why Social Security is in trouble in the first place.

The living Wage jobs that paid into Social Security are being eliminated and outsourced.
The fix is to change the Tax Code so as to NOT reward corporations for outsourcing.
Raising any caps on Social Security is not the solution. By raising the cap, the original problem, outsourcing, remains.
Raising the cap on S/S can be analogous to stretching a blanket, so it will cover more, but the blanket will be thinner as a result, as more money will be paid out.
In other words, raising the cap is just diddling with the symptoms, it is not dealing with the root cause, rising unemployment and loss of our Living Wage jobs. We need to deal with the root cause. Job loss
Source: http://thinkprogress.org/2011/04/19/us-corporations-outsourced-americans
Why are public schools such failures?

Why are the Republicans putting forth such a barrage of bills that 'regulate' the private lives of our citizens, while at the same time they are doing nothing to repair the damage that has been done to our country in the last 60 years? Because that's the way the right wing wants it. They don't want to improve government. They want it to be inefficient and corrupt so they can justify butchering the hell out of it, and that's why they do such a bang up job making government fail whenever they are elected.

Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower was the last honest Republican President.

Nixion was a crook and resighed just before he was to be impeached for his crimes. Watergate was just the tip of the iceberg in an array of illegal and secret activities undertaken by Nixon or his aides during his administration.

Reagan was a actor reading his lines, a puppet even. A figurehead for more criminal activity. Iran-Contra affair anyone? How about Alzheimer's?

G H W Bush, another shady Republican. The head of BFEE. In business with Saudi Arabia, financiers of terrorism in the middle East and elsewhere.

And then there's George Walker Bush. The Republicans are still trying to explain away or forget this guy's crimes. This Republican President was appointed to the highest office in the land by the Supreme Court and he almost trashed this country into third world status. It will take generations to recover, if ever.
Why 'if ever'? Because the Republicans are still trying their damnest to finish the job. And their supporters are too dumb to realize they ain't gonna be rewarded for their devotion when it happens.

Cut Out the Useless, Parasitic Middle Man

There would not be a health care crisis if the health insurance companies would not keep raising prices, keeping their profit margins in the 30 to 40% range to justify paying their CEO's their millions and more in salaries and bonuses.
ND-BCBS's 7% profit is an over cooked number they come up with AFTER they throw everything including the kitchen sink and the wash basins in the restrooms in as expenses.
The real reason every other country went to some form of Single Payer is the same reason we are experiencing in this country right now. Spiraling out of control, higher and higher premiums and kick backs to/from the hospitals and their clinics. Cut out the useless, parasitic middle man, the health insurance companies, each with their outrageous cut of your premiums, each insurance company having its own way of doing things, its own highly paid management, its own attention to the bottom line for its share holders, its own claims requirements, its own forms for submitting claims, etc.
How can that be more efficient than any government controlled Single Payer system, with its single set of rules and forms?
The hospitals and clinics have to hire people to deal with each individual insurance company's different forms, rules and ways of doing things. Why? There is no standardization here. That is a waste of money that could otherwise go to providing for your health care. Keep the health care private and replace the many wasteful insurance companies with one government agency to deal with reimbursements and payments. Just removing the money now going for insurance company profit from your premiums will save billions a year.
In fact we already have something in place. Medicare with its 3% overhead. Why can't we use that? It already is in place and is working.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. The billions the health insurance companies are spending on buying our congress critters, so as to keep the money train going. More drain on your premium dollars that take away from providing for your health care. How can anyone with a shread of empthy defend our current health care system?

All that spin and noise and waste products from the Right and what do we get for it? A swirling sucking noise as this country circles the drain. Do they care? No. The Right is having too much fun going around in circles and never notice what they are circling.
Conservativism IS a religion

Many people might be baffled by the fact that conservatives and the religious right have formed such a tight relationship over the past 30 years. The religious right lean toward the economic populist side, and would greatly benefit fiscally from a Democratic Congress and Presidency. Yet they are bound at the hip by those that screw them over. Those that want to encourage American corporations to outsource jobs to China, and those that are in favor of giving more burdens to the middle-class in an effort to support tax cuts for the richest 1%.

Why, then, is there this seemingly contradictory partnership between the religious right and economic conservatives? What thread do they actually have in common?

The answer is that both religion and conservativism rely on faith instead of facts. And a certain type of person is psychologically and mentally susceptible to believing in things that just aren't true. On one side, you have people who believe an invisible bearded man lives in the sky and sits on a throne of clouds and casts spells on people on earth. On the other, you have unquestioning beliefs in things that never existed, such as the belief that tax cuts for the rich "trickle down" to the poor, and that rich people in this country are taxed more than they ever have been. One side believes that dinosaurs never existed, and that the earth was created in a week. The same movement believes both that global warming is a conspiracy theory and that people on welfare live like royalty. Both conservatives and the religious right believe in fiscal conservativism, yet they believe that the US should spend all the money it can in an effort to conquer the world militarily.

The common thread running through these people is that their minds require no proof, no factual evidence, and no rationality in order to put 100% of their weight behind a proposition that governs their entire life. They throw their entire souls behind ideologies that have no evidentiary value whatsoever. They're constantly living and dealing in the realm of the unprovable -- in the realm of the non-factual. The entire modern conservative movement is based on assumptions that are not only untrue, but absurd. Reducing taxes for the rich is good for the poor? An imaginary man invented in stories 6,000 years old says we have to legislate discriminaion when it comes to marriage? Science (the same discipline that brought you the combustion engine, the nuclear reactor, and the plasma TV that allows you to fix your soul on Fox News) is a conspiracy theory and/or simply a belief system, but Barack Obama is a Muslim born in Africa?

If you've ever argued with a conservative, you'd know: facts have no effect upon them.

Think about that when thinking about voting this upcoming election. This isn't about whether Obama and Democrats are liberal enough. This is about whether we can keep this country out of the hands of the people who put blind faith over facts. Staying home and not voting is like giving power to people who would put on a blindfold and drive an SUV at top speed down a pedestrian-heavy street with their hands folded and saying to that invisible bearded man in the sky: "God please make sure I don't hit anyone and guide me to safety."

When it comes to people's lives, I chose to live with my eyes open. I choose to vote Democrat.

Johnny Cougar, with permission

Government is the Problem, Less Regulations, Less Government...Really?

Hey all you right wing nuts! You want the White House back?

Try fielding a candidate that actually has ideas. Not simply saying no to everything.
Try fielding a candidate that actually has values. Not a senator who wears a diaper when paying for a hooker or one that cheats on his wife with his campaign managers partner or one that doesn't wear magic underwear.
Try fielding a candidate that states there is no room for any racism in his party. One who demands racist posters are not welcome at his rallies.
Try fielding a candidate who's platform doesn't include internet rumors.
Try fielding a candidate that doesn't apologize to a foreign oil company for spilling oil on our beaches.
Try fielding a candidate that doesn't prey on our fears and gives us hope.
Try fielding a candidate that is for the working man and not the upper 2% who do nothing of value but move their money around and are now gold plating their gold plating.
Bill G-A-R-R said on: July 28, 2010, 7:27 pm
Bismarck Tribune Comments
It was Einstein who said that insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results

Case in point:
Reagan years: "Let's give tax cuts to the wealthy, they'll use it to create jobs and prosperity.
They definitely won't use it to stash away in the Cayman Islands or spend it all on cocaine."
Bush years: "Let's give tax cuts to the wealthy, they'll use it to create jobs and prosperity.
They definitely won't use it to stash away in the Cayman Islands or spend it all on cocaine. It'll work this time, we promise."
2010: "Even though, it costs billions of dollars, let's give tax cuts to the wealthy, they'll use it to create jobs and prosperity. They definitely won't use it to stash away in the Cayman Islands or spend it all on cocaine. I mean, come on. It's got to work eventually, right? Right?"
What else could explain why tax cuts for the wealthy aren't immediately shot down?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Who said they're expecting different results? They're raiding the treasury as is their specialty.
Greed needs a fig leaf.

It would not have to happen all at once.
But it needs to happen.

First we need to get out of Iraq's backup war, Afghanistan. That also means getting out of Afghanistan's back up wars, Iran and Pakistan.
While that is going on, we need to work on removing our troops from South America also.
We also need to work to get control of the MIC and big business's that are behind these wars.

In order to do the above, we need to first define the problem. The problem is us, U.S., exploiting everybody and everything for money - Profits. People have value... And not as slave labor either.

We as a country do not see that. We are the self serving cold blooded sociopath loose in this world. Yes we are. For example when we kill, murder is better term, a suspected terrorist, we also kill any men, women and children around them.
We blow up houses in residential neighborhoods, vehicles on crowed, busy streets in the Middle Eastern cities, all from the safety of a room in California.

This isn't war, this is high tech murder. Far worse than a border patrol's 9mm against rock throwers on the other side of the Rio Grande.

We have a sanitized name for this type of murder. "Collateral damage". We as a nation just blow it off as "It's their fault. We are at war. They should not have been there..."

Well folks, they LIVE there, we do not. We are the invaders in their country. They have not done us, U.S. any harm. The reverse cannot be said to be true. No country has attacked us, yet we attack and invade other countries and kill their citizens in the name of terrorism. Who are the real terrorist here?

Bring our troops home. Use the money saved to rebuild our country. To get our living wage jobs back. To take the welfare of our own citizens into consideration for a change. The longer we wait, the harder it will be. We should not be a nation dependent on killing to keep our economy going.

Allow the wronged countries to bring Nuremberg style trials of our war criminals. Only our own arrogance is stopping us.
1984 and Animal Farm are books written over 60 years ago. Warnings that apply to us today. We are ignoring those warning. This will bring our own destruction.
Bring our troops home and close the over 700 military bases we have outside our borders around the world. We may be the policeman for the world, but we are a currupt police force.
Updated 8/14/2010

Lock step conservatives (Think Tea-bagger mentality) who have to listen to Rush, Beck and/or Palin to know what to think, calling Pomeroy a puppet? Oh, that's rich!

The last administration took us from Record Surplus to Record Debt in Record time by starting 2 wars and cutting taxes. Increased spending and decreased the taxes that would have helped pay for Bush's wars of choice - at the same time, on purpose! And then the conservatives tried to blame the resulting recession that started on Bush's watch and the record debt caused by the tax cuts and 2 unpaid wars, on Obama! - Are you forgetting a thing called History?
Two stock marked crashes. Not keeping us safe from terrorists - 9/11, anthrax, The Beltway Snipers. Torture, both in Iraq and Guantanamo. All that's OK with you.
But Pomeroy voted for a bill to help Americans from being fleeced and dropped by health insurance companies and that makes you mad enough that you want to recall him?
Where the hell are your priories?

Can't speel
Let's see...
Who has a better understanding of the Constitution?
A guy who once taught Constitutional Law at University of Chicago Law School?
Or a guy who can't spell the word on a piece of poster board?
If George W Bush had left Barack Obama a $260 billion dollar surplus...
and a balanced budget and with a projected $5 trillion dollar surplus in 10 years, then I could understand why folks would be angry if Obama gave a trillion dollar tax cut to his wealthy friends, started two wars without paying a penny for them, and created a trillion dollar Medicare program on the credit card, and left a deficit for his successor of $1.3 trillion dollars, after he collapsed the entire economy. If Obama had done that, I could understand the anger of the "tea-baggers". As it is, they make absolutely no sense.

kentuck Democratic Underground

The actions of the health insurance companies gives the phrase,
"Your money or your life" new meaning.

People before Profit It is high time the health insurance companies were put out of business. They are killing too many people for money.
Public, Single Payer, Universal Health Care is more humane than this private, For Profit system that is literally milking the economy dry, hindering recovery.
5 Billion in profits in one year and they do a 39% rate increase on top of that? while we have 45,000 dead? Allowing this to go on is the equivalent of war crimes.
Harvard Medical Study Links Lack of Insurance to 45,000 U.S. Deaths a Year

Leonard Pitts: Facts are stubborn things, but they are still facts

Leonard Pitts I got an e-mail the other day that depressed me.

It concerned a piece I recently did that mentioned Henry Johnson, who was awarded the French Croix de Guerre in World War I for singlehandedly fighting off a company of Germans (some accounts say there were 14, some say almost 30, the ones I find most authoritative say there were about two dozen) who threatened to overrun his post. Johnson managed this despite the fact that he was only 5-foot-4 and 130 pounds, despite the fact that his gun had jammed, despite the fact that he was wounded 21 times.

My mention of Johnson's heroics drew a rebuke from a fellow named Ken Thompson, which I quote verbatim and in its entirety: "Hate to tell you that blacks were not allowed into combat intell 1947, that fact. World War II ended in 1945. So all that feel good, one black man killing two dozen Nazi, is just that, PC bull."

In response, my assistant, Judi Smith, sent Mr. Thompson proof of Johnson's heroics: a link to his page on the Web site of Arlington National Cemetery. She thought this settled the matter.

Thompson's reply? "There is no race on headstones and they didn't come up with the story in tell 2002."

Judi: "I guess you can choose to believe Arlington National Cemetery or not."

Thompson: "It is what it is, you don't believe either ..."

At this point, Judi forwarded me their correspondence, along with a despairing note. She is probably somewhere drinking right now.

You see, like me, she can remember a time when facts settled arguments. This is back before everything became a partisan shouting match, back before it was permissible to ignore or deride as "biased" anything that didn't support your worldview.

If you and I had an argument and I produced facts from an authoritative source to back me up, you couldn't just blow that off. You might try to undermine my facts, might counter with facts of your own, but you couldn't just pretend my facts had no weight or meaning.

But that's the intellectual state of the union these days, as evidenced by all the people who still don't believe the president was born in Hawaii or that the planet is warming. And by Mr. Thompson, who doesn't believe Henry Johnson did what he did.

I could send him more proof, I suppose. Johnson is lauded in history books ("Before the Mayflower" by Lerone Bennett Jr., "The Dictionary of American Negro Biography" by Rayford Logan and Michael Winston) and in contemporaneous accounts (The Saturday Evening Post, the New York Times). I could also point out that blacks have fought in every war in American history, though before Harry Truman desegregated the military in 1948, they did so in Jim Crow units. Also, there were no Nazis in World War I.

But those are "facts," and the whole point here is that facts no longer mean what they once did. I suppose I could also ignore him. But you see, Ken Thompson is not just some isolated eccentric. No, he is the Zeitgeist personified.

To listen to talk radio, to watch TV pundits, to read a newspaper's online message board, is to realize that increasingly, we are a people estranged from critical thinking, divorced from logic, alienated from even objective truth. We admit no ideas that do not confirm us, hear no voices that do not echo us, sift out all information that does not validate what we wish to believe.

I submit that any people thus handicapped sow the seeds of their own decline; they respond to the world as they wish it were rather to the world as it is. That's the story of the Iraq War.

But objective reality does not change because you refuse to accept it. The fact that you refuse to acknowledge a wall does not change the fact that it's a wall.

And you shouldn't have to hit it to find that out.

# Contact Leonard Pitts Jr. via e-mail at lpitts@miamiherald.com.
"To listen to talk radio, to watch TV pundits, to read a newspaper's online message board, is to realize that increasingly, we are a people estranged from critical thinking, divorced from logic, alienated from even objective truth. We admit no ideas that do not confirm us, hear no voices that do not echo us, sift out all information that does not validate what we wish to believe."
This man nails it square...

Health Care Parasites
219229-caduceus01_large.png Health insurance itself is the problem. Health Insurance companies are nothing more than parasitic middle men, who have taken on the roll of practicing medicine without a license. Death panels for profit, if you will. Your health comes second or even third to their bonuses, stock options and... Oh yeah, buying Congress. That money has to come from somewhere. It comes out of your's and my pocket.

30 to 40% of the health insurance premium you pay does NOT go to pay for your health care. What is wrong with this picture? If you don't know, you are part of the problem.

Every other industrialized country in the world has gone to some form of Single Payer, Universal Health Care. The United States is the last hold out. The last hold out! We trail the pack - again!

The United States citizens, with our private health insurance system, pays almost double what the other countries pay for their government controlled systems.

It does not matter how good our actual health care is in this country, if you cannot afford health care. Without that living wage job that pays most of the premium, you aren't going to be able to afford health insurance premiums for long. Their latest rate increases are to cover their costs of buying Congress. Where were you and I, US citizen, in the health care debate? Under the table, that's where, with everything else our bought off Congress will not deal with. To continue to argue and debate health insurance is nothing more than misdirection. Just diddling with the symptoms. Think of a person in quick sand struggling to get out. With the health insurance companies involved, it ain'a gonna happen. You're goin' under. You get sick, you're a liability.

Get rid of the private health insurance companies and do what everyone else has already done. Single Payer, Universal Health Care. It is less costly than what we have now for the above mentioned reasons.
- The caduceus with two serpents coiling around a pole is mistakenly used by the medical profession even though the official symbol of the medical profession is supposed to be the staff of the miraculous healer-god Asclepius, a single serpent entwined around a cypress branch. This caduceus is associated with Hermes (Mercury), the messenger of the gods, also known as the god of trickery, wealth and death! Whoops.
This caduceus is symbolic of the Health Insurance companies?

The Caduceus vs the Staff of Asclepius

General Welfare
We The People One of the purposes of government is to provide for the general welfare of its citizens. Our Constitution specifically mentions it - twice. Once in the preamble and again in the Article 8.

The Preamble starts out; "We the people..." So it would stand to reason that the general welfare clause pertains to the people collectively.

In Section 8, it specifies the powers of the Congress and again general welfare is mentioned in the same context as in the Preamble.

Section 8. reads in part:
"The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and PROVIDE FOR THE common defense and GENERAL WELFARE of the United States; but all duties, imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;..."

So, if the government can lay and collect taxes, pay debts and is responsible for the general welfare of the citizens and if the general level of health of the citizens is necessarily a part of the general welfare, then providing for health care coverage is the responsibility of the government.

The general population of this country are therefore beneficiaries of this general welfare clause. Our government is charged with providing for the general welfare of the people. It is a right guaranteed in the Constitution. The general level of health affects the general welfare of the citizens. Right now, in this country, most of us are one accident, one cancer, one major health problem away from bankruptcy because we have a For Profit, Market Driven Health Care System that is geared for profit first over your health.

In other words, we are having this discussion because our health care has been turned into a For Profit, non-competitive, Market Based Commodity.

This country values profits over health. When our money runs out or if we cost the health insurance companies too much in claims, we become a liability to the health insurance companies and coverage stops. You are on your own and bankruptcy and/or death is often the result.

Because of this problem, the whole rest of the industrialized world has gone to some form of Single Payer, Universal Health Care. None of these countries want to go back to what they had before. And absolutely for sure none of these countries want anything to do with our broken health care system.

From the start, the insurance companies have made sure Single Payer was never even on the table. It should have been and it should be the major topic concerning health care reform. But it is not. Our government even went so far as to throw people in jail for trying to get Single Payer on the table. More proof that our government is not responsive to the people.

The other countries have already done the hard work of figuring out what works and what does not. All we would have to do is cherry pick from what does work from the other countries, then we could have the best health care in the world, at half the cost we are paying now, instead of the United States being #38 or so, with the level of affordable health care dropping and the costs skyrocketing.

How do we pay for it? That also is simple. With Single Payer, since you would no longer be paying exorbitant rates for mediocre, hit or miss non-competitive market driven health insurance coverage, you could afford to pay a modest tax increase. That would also mean more money in your pocket, since that would eliminate the For Profit Middle Man, co-pays and surprise non-itemized bills sent months after the fact. Health Care overhead going from 30-40% down to 3%. Savings you can put in your pocket. With Single Payer, businesses would not have to pay health insurance premiums and would have more money to operate on and/or hire more people and/or to grant pay raises to its current employees. As a bonus, all of these would help get the economy moving again.

Also, our defense budget is bigger than the rest of the world combined. There is no justification for why it needs to be any more than Russia and China's defense budgets combined. None. The money saved can be used to pay down the debt and rebuild our own crumbling infrastructure, with enough left over to fully cover paying for civilized Single Payer health care for all of our citizens.
Image: Military Expenditure 2008

Crimes Against the United States
sw100.png We need more Al Franken's and Byron Dorgan's. All the problems of this country right now can be traced directly to the deregulation and the corrupt conservative Republicans, some right here in North Dakota.
How did socialism take us from a budget surplus to the largest debt this country ever had and in only 8 years? It didn't. It was greedy, short sighted, corrupt, conservative Republicans, without any sense of history.
Two wars off the books? Check.
Tax cuts for the rich? Check.
Nothing to make up for the Rich's tax cuts? Check.
Increase military spending to exceed the whole rest of the world combined? Check.
Deregulate the banks? Check.
Deregulate the Stock Market? Check.
Stock market crash? Check.
Housing bubble burst? Check.
Ramping up off shoring our manufacturing jobs so we do not have the economic engine to recover from this borderline(?) depression? Check.
Federal income down (tax cuts), spending up(2 wars, bush's parting gift to the big banks)? Check.
To take care of North Dakota's needs we first need to see past our own finger tips to a larger world view. Dorgan did work hard for the citizenry of North Dakota. That is why he kept getting re-elected every time. That is why North Dakota gets back $1.87 for every one dollar we sent to Washington DC.
Up until now at least, the citizens of North Dakota were smart enough not to send any Republicans to Congress. But there may not be enough smart people left here to do that anymore.
With Dorgan retiring, the money coming back to North Dakota is gonna slow to a trickle in a few years. Who are you going to blame if you send a Republican to replace him?

I am told I have overstated the case here. Maybe I should have mentioned the DLC, (Democratic Leadership Council) the Democratic wing of the Republican party. Even though they have (D) by their names, they are Republican lite and are in collusion with the Republicans in the aforementioned crimes against the American people.
Republican Damage
tcwp31a.png Considering the damage the Republicans have done to the United States and the world since Ronald Wilson Reagan was elected on name recognition alone and since the conservatives have no workable solutions to any of the problems they have caused except to opposed any and every thing that might help the citizens of this once great country recover the freedoms and economic power that has been taken for us, voting for any Democrat is better than voting for more Republicans that want to continue down this road of destruction they have set us on.
Wars, terrorists attacks, depressions, deregulation of big business, stock market crashes, job loss through out sourcing, banking and stock market scandals, the housing bubble, Enron, Saving and loan scandals, 9/11...
Why would anyone wanting a better world for their children want to vote Republican anymore?
Our Corrupt Government
dollar-sign.png You can tell how corrupt our government has become by the fact that that any semblance of the health care systems that works best for the rest of the industrialized world has never been 'On the Table' in this country since the beginning.
People have been thrown in jail for publicly advocating Single Payer, Universal Health Care. Why? Because the health insurance companies have bought off our Congress. Bribed, paid off, control...
How can our government be responsive to the needs of the citizens, if our elected representatives in Congress are being bought off and otherwise controlled by big business? The health insurance companies have basically written the so-called health care reform bills. Is it any wonder that we citizens are the losers here?
briefs.png In regrards to this lastest outrage against humanity. I think it might help if the republicans would stop blocking the nomination for the head of TSA. More than 100 Republicans in Congress even voted against legislation funding the TSA this year! Ya still think the crotch bomber is Obama's fault?
The Party of NO! does not have the the best interests of this country nor the welfare of us citizens in mind with its obstruction at any cost.
Instead of working to help solve our problems, they go out of their way to stop obviously workable solutions, while they supply no workable solutions of their own.
Unless Obama's job is to work security check points at foreign airports, the Republicans response to the crotch bomber is just more derision, obstructionism and sabatoge. Again, there are no real solution in their plans.
The Republicans have already brought this country to its knees with two illegal wars (Bush), off the books (Bush); Housing bubble/stock market crash (Bush); allowing our living wage jobs to be shipped over seas (Bush), thereby making any real economic recovery nearly impossible for a good long time (Bush). Those denigrating Obama need to go look in the mirror for the real cause of the latest outrage and most of this country's problems. You are in no way a part of the any morality justifiable solution.
From 1911:
tennieldumdee1.jpg "Our democracy is but a name. We vote. What does that mean? It means that we choose between two bodies of real -- though not avowed -- autocrats. We choose between 'Tweedledum' and 'Tweedledee'."
-- Helen Keller, on politics

If Helen Keller could see that, why can't we? We keep voting for the same Tweedles year after year.

08/24/2009 5:56 AM
dollar-sign.png We have plenty of money to bail out the fat cats on Wall Street when their pyramid schemes collapse. We have plenty of money for wars of choice build on lies. But when it comes to taking care of the citizens of this country, there always seems to be a problem because there is not enough money. The selfish, short sighted reality challenged among us can't seem to wrap their heads around the fact that we as a country should not be using our resources killing citizens half way around the world to steal their resources. We should instead be using that money and the resources wasted on our wars to be helping our own citizens.

We would have plenty of money to take care of our own if we would stop meddling in the affairs of other countries and making enemies as a excuse to meddle in the internal affairs of other countries and fighting enemies.

But I guess taking care of our own smacks too much of evil socialism now doesn't it? Killing people either through poverty or bullets or both, is better than socialism in some peoples minds.

Christian_Cross.png Odd how Christian groups whose founding figures regarded idols and spirits as powerless have successors so frightened of spirits, Pagans and some-one elses rituals.
Also notably absent from fundie ravings are charity, love of their fellow man, and similar virtues.
08/24/2009 8:38 PM How many of you claim to be Christians? Did you know Christianity was named after Christ? Yeah, just as I thought, not many. Christ was a liberal Jew who went around helping people. Naa, can't be doing that, too much like socialism. That's why they killed him.

BTY,You can read about Jesus Christ in the First 4 books of the New Testament. You can find it on-line and at the Public Library. Maybe if James LeRoy Iverson said he was a Conservative Republican who agreed with the birthers and tea-baggers and thought being gouge by the health insurance companies was a good thing, you could find it in your hearts to forgive him as would this Christ guy you profess to believe in tried to teach you.
I know that is asking too much, but you can try anyway.
N.D.'s longest-serving inmate, 70, gets parole
Up Date 9/16/2010:
Man free after serving 40 years for murders

Convicted Grand Forks killer's parole ends today.
James Leroy Iverson, who served more than 40 years on convictions of killing two women in Grand Forks in 1968, is set to become an entirely free man as his parole period ends today.
Convicted Grand Forks killer's parole ends

What to say to Republican "Socialists"

Encountering right wingers out there blah-blahing about Obama/Dems and "socialism"? Look right at them, point at them, and say, "Republicans like you are SOCIALISTS and now I am going to PROVE it to you." (I have done it, and it turns them red and makes them SQUIRM. I love it
Now say the following things to them as assertions as I have them written here (or you can put them on the spot and re-phrase them as questions: i.e. "So you want to shut down Medicare, right?" "So you want to shut down the public schools, right?" etc. These are also great points for blogs, forums like this, call-in shows, letters to the editor, email blasts, etc.)

1 - When I ask Republicans on Medicare if they want to shut that down, they shout NO!

2 - When I ask Republicans on Social Security if they want to eliminate it, they shout NO!

3 - When I ask Republicans with children in the public school systems if they want to start paying private school tuition and shut down the public schools (among the MOST "socialist" systems we have), especially the sports programs, they shout NO!

4 - When I ask Republicans eligible for VA hospital care or any other VA benefit to which they may be entitled regardless if they ever heard a shot fired in anger if they want those shut down, they shout NO!

5 - When I ask Republicans if they want their trash pickup, road repairs, sewer systems, snow removal, mail delivery, public parks, public pools, public recreation programs, etc. shut down, they shout NO!

6 - When I ask Republicans with children who receive special education services if they want those programs shut down, they shout NO! (** There I was a few years ago providing entirely publicly-funded at-home tutoring services for a Republican family's disabled child, who was receiving TONS of other public services as well, and they had the gaul to rib me about my Kerry for President bumper sticker.
I laughed out loud all the way home.)

7 - When I ask Republicans if they want their local public fire departments and police departments shut down, they shout NO!

8 - When I ask Republicans with kids in Headstart or who need to access to unemployment benefits or other public programs when THEY lose their jobs if they want these shut down, they shout NO!

9 - When I ask Republicans who, like the vast majority that join the military, if they joined the service because they wanted a job and wanted college money, etc., if honest, they shout YES! to that one as the US military, its hospitals, and other services is the MODEL "socialist" jobs and benefits program in America. * Of course, these benefits are the recruiters selling points.

10) REPUBLICANS WANT HEAVY HANDED GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION IN OUR PRIVATE LIVES: Republicans want: to take reproductive decisions away from women and doctors; take other medical decisions always from families and doctors (i.e. the Schaivo case); force selected religious doctrines onto everyone; tell individuals who can commit to each other legally and who can't; tell us what books to read, tv shows to watch, music to listen to, etc. and on it goes.

11 - Here is the Bush/Republican record: surplus turned in to massive DEBT; Medicare-D = complicated, donut hole, still 500 billion added to the DEBT; Iraq war DEBT; tax cuts for the rich DEBT; corporate giveaways and no-bid contracts DEBT; warrantless wiretapping, torture, Gitmo, nationbuilding = national disgrace immorality DEBT and monetary DEBT.; corporate deregulation DEBT; Bush/Paulson TARP DEBT; .......

They should be renamed the DEBTpublican Party.

Republicans? "Conservatives"? They "conserve" very little. And "Socialists?" Republicans need to take a good long honest-for-a-change look in the mirror. By their very own definitions and conceptualizations, they are "SOCIALISTS."

Source: Democratic Underground

To allow private insurance companies to let private profit maximizing decisions get in between a patient and a doctor is unethical.

caduceus_esclapius160a.gif What this country needs is government run Single payer, Universal health Care. Expand on Medicare, that works and works very well. Put every American citizen, every legal resident on it. How to pay for this universal health care? Raise taxes proportional by income. Where is this money suppose to come from? That also is simple. You will not be paying so-called health insurance companies money that goes for junkets, excessive salaries, bonuses, Profits. You will not be paying stock options to help fatten the bottom line of any so-called health insurance company. You will not be paying for a room full of people who's job is to find ways to deny your insurance claims after you have paid in for decades. (The real death panels) All this money you will then not be paying to private companies, money that does not really go for any benefits to the premium payers, would then go for your actually health care. With the extra money YOU would then have, maybe we could pool our resources and buy our own congress critters and then we could go to work and start fixing the other problems the republicans have caused these last 40 or so years. Maybe even stop a couple of wars. Think of the money that would save. Why we might even become a prosperous country right up there with Europe or the Scandinavian countries.
The official symbol of the medical profession is supposed to be the staff of the miraculous healer-god Asclepius, a single serpent entwined around a cypress branch.

There is no competition between health insurance companies. They are exempt from the anti-trust laws. Can you imagine what would happen if they were to be allowed to cross state lines? It would be far uglier that things are now. The McCarran-Ferguson Act of 1945 exempts insurance companies from the Sherman Antitrust Act. It would seem that a pivotal key for creating competition in the market for health insurance would be to repeal the antitrust exemption for health insurance companies, so that insurance carriers could not enter into agreements to fix prices or divide up the market amongst themselves."
A country did not attack us. 9/11 was an act vandalism and should have been treated as such. That is why they need to be tried in a civilian court and not a military court. If "state secrets" are exposed, too bad. Actually that would be good. Then maybe we will deal with our own home grown terrorists in our own government. When you stop to think about it, just what could these 'terrorists' know that our government doesn't want you to know? How could they know anything? If the conventional wisdom of 9/11 is correct, then our government should have no secrets concerning these people. That not being the case, then the question becomes 'what was our government's involvement prior to 9/11 then'?
What I find absolutly amazing is that this debt was dropped on us full force on January 20th 2009 @ 12 Noon. Until then we had this amazing, endless surplus that we used to fund 2 illegal wars off the books, big tax cuts for the rich, multiple bubbles (Wall Street & Housing) and no problem with any debt. I do wonder however, why the repugs got sent packing, what with all the wondrous things they were doing for this country. But the reality is, the repugs got ousted because of too many people going bankrupt because their jobs were being shipped overseas, their health insurance being dropped because of skyrocketing medical expenses - or outright denial of claims. Losing homes they had lived in for 20+ years through foreclosures... The repugs brought this country down to its knees. It will take time to recover. Especially since these same people and their droids are still fighting to finish the job they started, which is to destroy this country from with-in.

The truth about Republicans by... George Carlin


This is from 1988. What has changed in 21 22 23 24 25 years?

Done in notepad

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